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Hey, I'm Jordyn Paul.
The Third Paul everyone calls me.
I'm 17 and homeschooled, my two older brothers being the fastest growing YouTube channels on yeah, YouTube.
My brothers were so overprotective growing up, they never let me out of their sight. They always forced me to go to every sports event they went to and for them to appear at every party I went to.
Enough with the introductions, let's begin!!!!
Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Yes, models trip and fall on the catwalk, but when you find out you might never model again is a serious heartache when you have a passion for it.
I was at the fashion show for Vogue. I had everything perfect: my makeup; my clothes; hell even my personality.
I was feeling good about myself. For the first time in a long time.
But then... it cracked.
I broke my ankle and fractured my knee. It would mean I'd struggle wearing heels. Ugh.
Now the whole world is against me.
I'm now in hospital with my whole family and best friend by my side.
I'm seeing a shrink and she said to write everything down in a stupid diary. So, you're welcome.

"Do you need anything?" My mother asked, squeezing my hand gently.

"Can I just have some water." I croaked, I was still upset about yesterday and finding out the news.
And Jake (of course) had his vlog camera out as it's "everyday bro". I already have a headache thing about  that song, no offence Jakey.

"Jordyn do you want to do the outro." Jake pointed his vlog camera in my direction, with him still in view.

"Fuck off, Jake, I'm not in the mood." I snarked at him.

"Language!" Logan gently knocked my arm.

"Sorry Logie." I laughed, ever since I was a toddler I've called him that.

"Get well soon Jord." My dad said before leaving, it was getting late anyway.

"Bye daddy!" I shouted as the door closed. Jake and Logan then laughing at me still calling my father 'daddy'

"You still call him that?" Jake wiggles his eyebrows at me

"You don't even call mom 'mommy'." I heard Logan say next to me but I was still looking through the window door as my dad signed medical bills.

"I brought your water." My mom came in with a paper cup then putting it on the desk next to me.

"Thanks mom." I smiled at her before quickly taking a sip of my water

"See!" Logan pointed out again that I call my mother 'mom' and my father 'daddy'.

"What, what did I miss?" My mom pulled a puzzled look.

"She calls dad 'daddy' and you 'mom'." Jake stated. But my mother didn't seem to mind even though she knew me and my father were closer than me and her. But I still love her as much I my daddy.
-it's Britney bitch.

"You're weird." Logan rolled his eyes at me

"You're delusional." I rolled my eyes back at him.

"Thank you." He flipped his hair that hadn't been cut but still managed to look like fresh, newly made locks. Somehow he seems to make everything into a compliment, or at least think everything is a compliment

Honestly, I'm the only brains in the family. Before my brothers were considering 'viners', 'youtubers' or shockingly 'famous' I had my whole future set out.
I always dreamt of being a model since I was young but I always loved the thought of being a neurosurgeon and saving lives.

This episode was short but I was stuck on what to write for. Let's just pretend this was meant to be a pilot episode (WHICH IT TOTALLY WAS BTW) xox -Maya

lol re read this and I am freaked out cuz it's weird and terrible so the next chapters are actually decent. TO ME THAT IS A MATTER OF OPINION.

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