Chapter 9: Friends

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Here is chapter 9! There isn't a lot of romance in this chapter, only at the very end C;

This chapter is a bit more on Chenoa and Hattie with some Mollie C:

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Auctioned Hearts 9

When I woke up the next morning I was in my bed with my full clothes on that I was wearing last night. Rubbing my eyes groggily, I raised myself out of bed (tripping all over the covers in the process).

…Wait! Last night I fell asleep onto Demyan! H-how did I get over to my bed?!

My groggy eyes were instantaneously wide and alert. Underneath my phone I spotted a post-it note, picking it up I stared at it.


Hope you had a good night’s sleep! I let myself out and slid the key under the door after locking it. By the way, you shouldn’t talk in your sleep about how much you love me, its kind of embarrassing ;)

P.S.- I almost tripped and died on those heels of yours, you should really throw those things out or send them back to wherever you got them (probably the underworld).'

I snorted at the note,

Yeah right, I never talk in my sleep!

Somehow somewhere in my brain I knew I was only trying to convince myself of that. Flipping open my phone, I noticed I had a missed text from Hattie. I called her as I got up and sauntered over to the closet.

“Hey Chenoa!”

“Hattie, what’s up?”

“Want to hang today?”

She sounded chipper.

“Yeah sure, but I gotta bounce at around 3 p.m because of work.”

“Alrightie, we should grab a bite to eat, and chat over that!”

I peered over to the clock, it was 9:45 a.m right now. Suddenly I got a great idea.

“Heyhey! Meet me at my apartment at likeee 11:30? 'Kay?”

I could hear Hattie's laugh echo through the phone.

“KayKay. See you then Che!”

I knew Hattie would love that café Peyton showed me to the other day, it was so cute and quaint! I turned on some music from my age-old Ipod that my mom handed down to me; it was one of those square nano things, they are worth like a dollar or something now. Soon enough the song “Float on” by Modest Mouse was resounding around me, bringing more of a spring into my step and a bounce to my groove. I took a quick shower and by the time I was done, it was about 10:15. Skipping over to the maple dresser opposite of my bed, I tore through my clothes before finally settling for a cute, light pink and light blue diagonally striped summer dress that finished around 5 inches above my knees. I threw on a white button-up cardigan, dancing my way over to the bathroom I did a little spin in front of the mirror. Then, I grabbed my mascara and threw a bit of that on along with some lip gloss; Hattie could hardly care how much make up I put on as long as I wasn’t embarrassing to myself. Looking at my unruly blond hair I couldn’t decide what to do with it, eventually I opted for just throwing my white beanie on. By the time I was done it was 11:00.

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