Chapter 10: Paintball war

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I snapped out of it and looked around my home that seemed more like a prison more often than not. The walls shook and I knew someone was walking up to it on the outside, “Isis! Please come out I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have done that! Please come out!” I heard Gordon plea with me. I stifled another sob as I buried myself further into my bed. I couldn’t come out. Not right now. I heard him sigh, “Fine…I’ll let you have your time, but please come out soon. Jenna’s going to kick my a*s if she sees the state the kitchen is in.” I let out a broken chuckle but didn’t respond. I needed time to think.






Chapter 10:


Gordon’s POV:



What the hell did I just do? I banged my head against the bed post as I held her lamp in my hands. I’m such an idiot! I put it down with a dejected sigh and ran a hand through my soaked hair. I’ve never felt that way during a kiss though….



‘No.’ I thought. I can have a girl in my life without wanting to get into her pants. I’m sure I can. It shouldn’t be that hard right? Right. I set the lamp down carefully and walked away hearing my feet squish in my shoes. My mind was in a whirlwind as I made my way back to the kitchen to clean up. Great! Now I have to clean up everything myself! I grumbled under my breath as I got to the kitchen but stopped short.



Everything was dry! How in the…Isis! She must have done this! Well…at least she did it so I wouldn’t have to. Groaning I laid my head against the refrigerator and squeezed my eyes shut. I kicked the island across from me but immediately regretted it. “Ow!” I cursed myself. Why am I so hung up on her? She’ll be gone once I make my last two wishes! I should just make them quickly now so she’d be gone.




No…that wouldn’t help anything. That’d just make me regret ever doing it if I just blew through those wishes. But what on earth could I possibly wish for? Shaking my head of these round about thoughts I tried to clear it. Just forget about it for now. Pretend it never happened.



That’s a good idea. When she stops and finally comes back out I’ll just act like nothing happened. That’s better right? Suddenly feeling better I began to raid the kitchen for something sweet. I needed something sugary to satisfy me. I spotted some cookies up above the fridge so I quickly grabbed them.





‘What did you do to her?’. I heard and jumped turning around. Furrowing my eyebrows I looked around the kitchen to see no one there, ‘Down here you idiot’. My eyes snapped down to see Hazam looking up at me with a glare. My eyebrows shot up as I jumped back with a yelp. “D-Did you just…talk?” I asked. He heaved a large breath out and stalked towards me, ‘Answer the question you evil creature!’ it yelled but I didn’t see his jaw moving. “H-How?” I stuttered completely confused.

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