NOTE: I wrote this stoy in May 2012 (yes, I wrote it in one month), I barely knew One Direction by then and you have to have in consideration that many of the things I wrote here weren't consider "carroty" back then. This story would be nothing like this if I wrote it today. Further in the series things change.

At the sidebar you'll find a picture (edited) of Katharine McPhee... that's how I picture Alex.


Chapter 1 ― Eating Contest

“I’m telling you. I’m done with boys. I don’t wanna know anything about them. This was the last time, I swear!” I cried out throwing the last picture into the fire. The last picture of that arsehole and I. God, how could I’ve been with him? Why didn’t I see what he was before? I deserved what happened for being so stupid.

“Be careful with what you say, Alex,” Annabelle warned me from her position on the sofa. She looked at me with both eyebrows raised. “It’s gonna backfire on your face, sweetie,” she added and I just rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious, girls. I’m done. I will live my life to the fullest from now on. I will join a good cause, I’ll adopt a cat, I’ll help old ladies in the street,” I stated solemnly.

“I don’t understand you, Alex,” commented my other friend, Phoebe. “Last night you were all gloomy and depressed and now you’re saying you’re done with men. What happened?”

“I just had an epiphany last night and decided that what happened is not worthy of my time.” My two best friends rolled their eyes at me like I was just saying nonsense. I wasn’t lying, I did have an epiphany during my pity party the night before.

What happened? Well. I had this boyfriend, Marcus, whom I loved very much. Or that was what I thought. We were together for two years but everything ended when I found him with his supposed just friend, Sarah, on the sofa, half naked and just doing it, just to put it nicely. What would a normal girl do in that situation? Well, I just took a vessel with flowers from the table and threw it on them, that way they could cool off. I was just helping them! Trying to be a good girl. Marcus looked at me surprised and ashamed, but I didn’t say anything, I just turned around and walked away keeping my pride. At least, until I got home with my friends where I lost it. That happened just two days ago.

I was the kind of girl who never had a good relationship. They always found another girl, or they cheated on me, or they just decided I wasn’t good enough. Taking into consideration my past stories I realised that it was useless trying to find love or a good guy for me. I was twenty years old; I had a whole life just for myself. I didn’t have to worry about boys. I just needed to live my life, be happy and eat like there was no tomorrow.

“I’m sure you’re gonna regret this, Alex; but I’m glad you’re feeling better now,” Phebs said standing up and giving me a hug. “And as a way to celebrate your new decision, we’re gonna go out!”

Belle stood up and joined us cheering for the plans ahead. “Are we going to the new fair?” she asked dreamily, and Phebs and me just looked at each other before nodding enthusiastically.

* * *

“Turn up the volume!” I requested and I got two sceptical looks from my friends. “What? Can’t I want to listen to a pop song now? Just because I like rock doesn’t mean I can’t listen to any other kind of music,” I defended myself crossing my arms and sitting back in my seat.

We were in Phebs’ car, an old black Land Rover that I loved with all my soul. If I could marry a car, I would have done it with her car. The song was one by this band my friends liked. It was a boy band. They were kind of new in the media, and if I could remember well, they won some contest. X-Factor, I believe it was [1]. I wasn’t sure, though. As I said, my friends liked them, not me; but I didn’t hate them either. They just weren’t my style, that was all. They were too pop for my liking, but that day I was in the mood for something catchy that could bump me up. Phebs and Belle weren’t these obsessive fangirls, but they had and knew most of their songs.

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