Chapter 2

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Scarlette's POV.

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

I groaned rolling over to cut off my alarm clock, sighing I sat up wiping away the sleep from my eyes. "Time for our first day at work." I mumbled to myself as I got out of bed. Walking to my closet I pulled out my outfit and walked to the bathroom. 

After getting ready I went to wake Charlotte up, I knocked on her door,"Char get up we have work

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After getting ready I went to wake Charlotte up, I knocked on her door,"Char get up we have work." I heard her groan before mumbling something. "Get ready I'm going to make breakfast." Walking to the kitchen I made our breakfast. By the time I was finished I heard her bedroom door open,"Good your ready, eat up and- Who the hell are you!?" I yelled after turning around realizing that it wasn't Charlotte but some guy. 

"Damn that smells good can I have?" He asked licking his lips as he threw on his T-shirt.

"What? No! Get out!" I yelled making him groan and hold his head,"Can you shut the hell up your giving me a headache." He grumbled.

"I don't fucking care get the hell out!" I said grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards the door.

"Dude let go-what the hell man! Don't push-" I slammed the door in his face cutting him off. Huffing I walked to Charlotte's room where she was putting on her make up.

"Who the hell was that?" I asked, she just shrugged,"I met him last night then brought him here." She answered nonchalantly.

"One day here and your already sleeping around Char? Really?" She rolled her olive eyes,"Gosh mom can you give me a break?" She got up and walked past me into the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath I walked back into the kitchen, we ate in silence before leaving for our first day of work. I looked over her as we walked towards the taxi,"Don't you think that skirt is too short?" She let out a groan."I can wear what ever I want Scar, can you please leave me alone."

I mean seriously she could of thrown on something more appropriate.

She looks like she's going to the damn club instead of work

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She looks like she's going to the damn club instead of work.
Shaking my head I choose not to tell her anything else as the driver drove off.


"Hello may I help you ladies today?" A blond haired girl at the front desk asked upon seeing us.

"Yes we're here to see Mr. Romero, my name is Scarlette Stone and this is my sister Charlotte Stone." She nodded and clicked something on the computer. "Oh yes the Stone sisters, your just on time. Please take the elevator to the seventh floor, there you would see Mr. Romero." She said politely.

Thanking her we walked to the elevator and went to the seventh floor.

The elevator dinged showing that we got to the floor. Walking out we immediately saw Antonio standing there with his hands in his pockets.

A smile came across his face when he saw us,"Charlotte, Scarlette it's great to see you two again." He said kissing our hands.

Such a gentleman.

I smiled,"It's nice seeing you too Antonio."

"Yes, very nice to see you." My sister said seductively making me roll my eyes.

Just once. One damn time without the flirting.

"Well Maistio is waiting in his office, so shall we?" We nodded and followed Antonio to Maistio's office.

He knocked the door hearing a deep 'Enter'. Opening the door we walked in seeing Maistio sitting at his deck going through some papers.

"Their here brother." Maistio looked up at us, he nodded and took off his glasses.

"Please have a seat I don't have much time." Sitting on the chairs in front of his desk we looked at him.

"Miss Charlotte you would be my assistant while you miss Sharlette would be my brother's. You are to be here Monday to Friday promptly at 8am and leave when told to. Miss Scarlette you may leave and go with by brother to discuss your work." I nodded and got up, I walked out with Antonio following.

He led me to his office,"Well as you saw your desk is right in front of my office, I am a very simple boss. Coffee in the morning, you are to attend all of my meetings and take notes. For now please take these files and copy them." He gave me a small file, I took it and left his office.

Sitting at my desk I got to work. Just half an hour later he called me back into his office.

"Yes sir?" I asked walking in.

"Can you get Maistio's signatures for these please." I nodded and took the file from his hands. Leaving I walked down the hall to Mr. Maistio's office.

They were the only ones on this floor so things were easier.

I got to his office and opened the door completely forgetting to knock. I screamed covering my face with the file as I heard shuffling.

"Shit! Scar what are you doing here?" My sister hissed.

"I don't know, working something you should be doing." I said in disgust.

I knew she slept around but damn..

Half an hour.

30 minutes!

Maistio cleared his throat,"Is there anything you need since you have no manners Miss Scarlette?"

I have no manners!? That honry motherfucker.

"Mr. Antiono asked for your signature sir." I said through clenched teeth giving him the file.

My sister fixed her hair standing beside him. He nodded and signed the papers. I looked at the floor and my eyes bugged seeing a lace thong inches away from my feet.

He closed the file and gave it to me, I forced a smile and turned to talk out the office but stopped,"Char your thong is on the floor, be happy it didn't touch my damn shoes." Opening the door I walked out and down the hall.

I shook my head, didn't she meet him yesterday? What the hell am I saying she can meet someone for just 20 minutes and she's already jumping his bones.

What shocked me was that it was Mastio. That man looks so stone cold and mean, then I see him fucking my sister on his desk 30 minutes later.

Knocking Antonio's office I walked in and gave him the file,"Are you okay? You look flustered."

"Disgusted yeah." He frowned,"What do you mean?"

"I just saw your brother and my sister have sex." The look that came onto his face made me laugh.

"Maistio? My brother? Very mean, always in a suit, short black hair Maistio?"

"Unless he has a twin yes, that Maistio. But I wouldn't worry too much she sleeps around." I said with a shrug.

I saw slight disappointment in his eyes,"She does?" I nodded he hummed.

"Well I'm going back to work." I turned and left his office.

Why did he look upset when I said she sleeps around? Does he like her? I rolled my eyes, it's their problem I'm just here to make my money anyway.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

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