Chapter one-Declaration of love

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Hey readers hope you like tbe first chapter to the one shot book.I was challenged to write a larry one shoton fb so that's why it isn't that long.But i hope you like it.If you want to request one the info is down at the bottom.Enjoy! And amd comment

Third person:

Summary: Harry has been in love with louis as long as he can remember but one day he cant stand it anymore and tells louis how he feels.

*At Harrys Dorm*
Harry paces back and forth putting his hands through his brunette curls.

"Niall I can't take this anymore I need to tell him how I feel, it should be my hands on him not bloody stan," Harry says angrily.

Nialll scoffs, "Mate I told you that months ago,"

Harry glares at his best friend.

"I know, I'm going to head over," he replied.

"Okay good luck, I have to go meself, I have a date with Liam," Niall replied.

Harry said a small thanks and heads over to Louis' dorm which was four doors down from his.

Harry knocks on the dopr and Louis answeres it two minutes later.

"Hey haz, what's up?" Louis asked, confused.

"I need to talk to you," he rushes out.

"What is it I have a date with stan in five-minutes." he replied.

Harry rolled his eyes at Stans name. He always hated their relationship because stan always snubbed harry when he was around and took up most of louis time leaving very little for Harry.

"Harry don't start," Louis warned.

"Come on Lou you know he hates me and we barely hang out anymore because you're mostly with him,"

"He's my boyfriend Harry of course I'll hang out with him, and you and i hang out,"

"Name the last time we hung out,"

"At Liams party,"

"That was two weeks ago, and you left with Stan an hour into the party.

Louis was getting angry.

"I'm sorry we dont hang out much but  quit being jealous," he spats.

Harry was getting red in the face.

"Of  course im fucking jealous, i should be the one getting to kiss you, hold your hand, give you my coat when its cold not him. I'm so in love with you Louis have been for two-years now," Harry breathes out.

Louis stood stunned. Before harry knew it Louis brings Harry into a heated kiss with a mess of tongues and hands going everywhere.

They pull away breathing unsteady.

"Does this mean you feel the same way?" Harry asked lips swollen.

"Yes, I always felt the same but after waiting for a year i gave up and thats when i met stan and he made me forget,but I still love you,"

"I love you and never stopped," Harry expressed.

"Good," Harry said and brings him into another kiss.

"Wait there is something I have to do," Louis said pulling away.

"What's that?"

"Break up with Stan."

Harry enternally does a happy dance while Louis is on the phone with Stan. They shouted at each otherer and then Louis hung up.

"Where were we," Louis smirks and crawls on top of Harry.

The end

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