❁August Updates ❁

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First of all is like to say that in the past few years I have never kept a constant update range. Sometimes I go a few months with out updating my stories (this makes me such a terrible righter haha). Now that I can better access my time I thought "How about I become professional and make certain times for updates ?" Thus the reason this book was created. I'm hoping to keep up with the times I assign so here they are ! :)

Those Cold eyes of stone (Jeff the Killer Fanfiction) As of this month I have already updated once so I'm hoping the next update should be around this week.

Fireflies (FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction )
I have begun to write a draft this update will probably correlate around the Jeff the killer one .

Living a Complete Lie (Sequel to Those Cold Eyes of Stone)  So this book as well as the first one had already been finished sometime last year ,but I decided to go through the book my self and do some very heavy editing! As of now the first book has fifteen completely new chapters , this book the sequel, has had a few chapters revised but not published. So this book will most likely be updated once the first one is finished it depends though so I shall get back to you on that one.

Flower Crowns This is the newest book that has been published in my stories. I'm cowriting this book with a friend of mine MoonlightHysteria . In terms though we have agreed that during a certain week in a month one of us will write at least two chapters. The first chapter was posted yesterday so the second chapter I'm hoping to have up and ready to go by Sunday or Monday .

This is the basic range of things , if I run into problems updating I'll try to get around explaining why and then post different update times.  Thank you all so much for reading ,voting,commenting etc! If you have any questions about the updates or anything in general please ask in the comments or pm me!

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