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Wyatt and I laughed at ourselves as the bell rang, signaling us to go to our class rooms. "Oh man we gotta go" I said throwing away my tray as I walked with Wyatt. "Oh , fuck I don't know who my teacher is" Wyatt said throwing his tray away also. "Come on I'll go check the list with you!" I said smiling at him. We slipped on our backpacks and walked to the hallway of the front office. We looked for Wyatt's name until we found it."you have Mrs.cooper with me! Yay!" I said smiling. We saw some other names that we recognised and smiled at them. "Lets go!" I said pulling Wyatt to the 8th grade hall. The other boys followed along with us. "WAIT UP!" Yelled a small figure running to us and the others, that small figure being Jack. "Hey Jack" Wyatt said patting his head. "Don't touch me Oleff! You've got cooties!" Said the small , loud boy. "Hush Jack we gotta get to class." I said looking forward. "She's a spicy one, I like her" Jack said smirking and winking at me. "Ew" was all I said. "Wow Jack you just got dissed" Jaeden said laughing. Jack looked mad at this point. We arrived at our class and we got our lockers and combos. Great, I can't open mine. I got a bottom locker and Wyatt got the one above mine. Jack's was beside mine, above his was Finn's and there resided Jaeden's beside his. "The gangs all here" Finn said running his fingers through his hair. He looked so good. What am I saying? I don't like him! We sat down at our seats, all the boys surrounded me except Jack, he was in front of Wyatt. I saw Malcom sit down beside me. I knew Malcom since I was in 5th grade , he's a sweetheart. He plays in Finn's band too. "Hey Y/N" he said smiling at me. "Hey Malcom" I said messing with his curls, Malcom giggled and pulled my hands away. "Stop!!" He said laughing, wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. "You too know each other?" Finn said smirking. "Yeah , Y/N is my best friend, we've known each other since we were in 5th. One time we went to a yard sale and I got her a polar bear stuffed animal and she named it after me!" Malcom said giving Finn a excited look. "Yep Malcom here is my buddy." I said leaning my head on his shoulder. Wyatt looked over at us, you could tell he was angry. I wonder if he's jealous.

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