The MET Gala Part 1.

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We all watched the scene unfold right in front of us and sat quietly. I don't think I've ever heard Kendall be so harsh with her words. I was about to speck up when Y/n grabbed her keys and jacket and slammed the door on her way out making Kendall sit down and go on her phone.

Gigi:"What the fuck?!"She shouted making all of us flinch with the tone she used.

Kylie:"Kendall! What the fuck was that?!"She questioned making Kendall look at us and roll her eyes going back to her phone.

Hailey:"Okay firstly that's rude!"She said grabbing her phone away from her and giving it to Abel.

Abel:"And secondly whats going on with you?"He asked making us all nod.

Bella:"Don't think we haven't noticed your attitude change"I said bluntly making Zayn but in.

Zayn:"Not to mention that you're on your phone....constantly may I add"He said.

Kendall:"Nothing's wrong!"She said throwing her hands up in frustration"I'm upset because I want to spend time with her and she just -all she does is talk about work and she's constantly working-"

Tyga:"Yeah and what about all the times you work?"

Tyler:"All the times you bailed on dates?"

Zayn:"All the times you were out of the country-"

Abel:"Doing your job"He said. Everyone looked at her and shook their heads"Kendall I know you missed her and stuff but she also has a job that she loves"He said making her frown a little.

Kylie:"And she does it for you Ken, she does everything for you"She said taking Kendall's phone from Abel and handing it to her"So I suggest you stop being a bitch and call her"She said making Kendall stare at the phone for a few seconds before grabbing it and waking up dialing her number.

Kendall paced up and down trying to call Y/n who didn't answer. No surprise there...she tried another time and threw her phone on the couch sighing.

Kendall:"She's not answering...."She said like it was an okay thing.

Bella:"So what are you gonna do about it?"I asked crossing my arms.

Kendall:"She's not answering! I can't do anything.... We just have to wait for her to come home"She said going back on her phone. We all rolled our eyes at Kendall's attitude.

We all sat in an uncomfortable silence waiting for Y/n to come back. It was already one in the morning and we starting to get worried. We heard the door open and close making all of us wake up and we saw Y/n walk in and put her keys down. She looked at us and sighed.

Y/n:"You didn't gave to wait for me...."She said going to the kitchen and coming back.

Gigi:"We wanted to....where did you go?"She asked making Y/n sip her water and put it down.

Y/n:"For a drive....."She said walking over to us"A long drive"She mumbled pulling off her jacket.


Y/n:"You guys should sleep...we have an early flight later"She said sitting down.

Zayn:"Uh okay...."He said eyeing her. We all were walking upstairs when we noticed Y/n opening the couch up.

Kendall:"What are you doing?"She asked frowning slightly.

Y/n:"I'm sleeping down here...."She said grabbing a pillow and blanket from the closet. She laid it out and turned to us"Night"She said sitting back down.

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