Part 15- Sly's sister

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Mystreet "Woah! I can't believe it! This place is huge!" Garroth said as they entered "What are you doing here?" I ask "Aphmau!" mystreet said and ran to me and I summoned sword's and I used my magic of moving sword's (No not telekinesis) and the sword's were all at their neck's "What the heck Aphmau!" Katelyn said and I forgot that since Nicole helped me this whole way I removed the sword that was on her neck and made it disappear "Thank you Jess" Nicole said "No problem" I said "Jess, why did you let her out?" Sly asked "Aphmau! Why her and not us!?" Aaron asked and I turned around and faced Tony and Sly "How do you not remember your own sister Sly?" I ask "Sister?" Sly said "Nicole Stark" I said "What!?" everyone asked "I-It can't.." Tony said and Nicole changed to her iron woman suit for a few seconds and back and they hugged "How did you know where Nicole was?" dad asked "I knew where she was because I had contact with her and when I decided to leave I went to where Nicole was and lived there" I said and they broke the hug "We're still ere you know" Aaron said "Yeah, yeah" Jose said "What are you doing here anyway's?" I asked "We're here to bring you back" Katelyn said.

I'll end it here in a cliffhanger. Have a good day/ night everyone!


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