Chapter 19

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Xander's POV

We were on our way home now after our date with our baby angel.

I looked into the rear mirror every few minutes to look at her. Our calmness and home.

She was sleeping in Xavier's lap and she looked so peaceful and content as she snuggled herself more into his chest. She was adorable like a little kitten, our kitten. I chuckled, remembering how she tricked us before, into being her 'little kittens'.

Xavier raised his head to look at me questioningly but when I shook my head at him, he went back to looking at Angel.

When she kissed me earlier... I was in heaven. Just one little touch of hers and I was in pure bliss but the way her lips molded against mine. It was perfect, she was perfect, she is perfect and she always will be perfect. Our perfect little angel.

I nearly jumped out of my skin earlier, when she asked if we could go swimming. I just wanted to take her into my arms and carry her away from that lake as far as I could and somehow make her forget about the idea of going swimming. She could catch a cold in a cold water such as this was! And I couldn't let that happen now could I? I could tell that Xavier was thinking the exact same thing.

We finally reached home and I hopped out of the car, going to the door where Xavier would come out and opened it. We didn't want our little babygirl to wake up, so Xavier gave her to me so that he wouldn't jostle her while climbing out.

I pressed her to my chest to keep her warm as the night got chilly. Nothing too cold for us though as we are werewolves but Angel isn't a wolf, so our mission was to keep her warm.

Xavier opened the front door for us and I went in. He closed the door behind him quietly and we started walking to the stairs when suddenly Chris, Landon and Lisa walked or rather ran towards us.

"So how did it go?? Did you mess up?"

"Keep quiet! You'll wake her up. She's already drained enough, we want her to sleep." I mindlinked them as I felt Angel stir in my arms.

They closed their mouths and nodded but Chris couldn't help himself, so he whispered.

"I'm sure she's drained. After all, it takes pretty much energy to keep from flinching every time she looks at your faces."

Me and Xavier just stared at him blankly while the others snickered quietly at his comment.

We just shook our heads and made our way upstairs into our room. I laid Angel on the bed and carefully took her boots off. Next, I took off the jacket and then came the jeans. Luckily she was already in Xavier's shirt so I let that be, only untying the knot that I guess Lisa had made in there.

Xavier came out of the bathroom just when I finished tucking Angel in, so now I could go while he watched over her.

I came out a few minutes later to see that Xavier was spooning her and was already almost asleep with the help of her scent and calming, yet exciting touch.

I climbed into bed and laid in front of her, hugging her to my chest. She wrapped her tiny arms around my waist as much as she could almost instantly. I kissed her forehead and then looked at my brother.

"We have to mark her soon, you know that right?"

He sighed in his mind, opening his eyes to look at me over Angel's head.

"I know. If it continues like that, she will actually pass out one day from exhaustion just like she said. But I also don't want to rush her in this. She has taken it all so well that I'm ready to go at her pace but I'm not sure if she's ready for marking or will be anytime soon."

"I know how you feel brother, I know."

And with that we closed our eyes to go to sleep with our mate between us. Both hoping that she will let us mark her before she passes out and that she will get a needed amount of sleep.

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