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The next day, Shelby woke up to Will's arms rapped around her. She looked at her phone.
10:00 am
She knew that it was time to get ready for the day. They had videos to make, and maybe even places to adventure to. Shelby kissed Will on the head, and tried to escape his embrace.

I try to escape from Will's embrace, by possibly rolling out of the ring he made around my waist with his arms. That didn't work. He had pulled me closer towards him. A part of me knew he was awake.
"Will, come on. I've gotta get ready for the day." I whispered
He pulls me even closer, and gives me a peck on the cheek.
"It's still so early, though." He says in a raspy, early morning voice
"It's 10 in the morning, Will."
"Already? Okay. Fineeeee." He says
He lets me go, and I walk towards my closet to find an outfit.
I start rummaging through my closet. All of a sudden Will hugs me from behind. I turn around and hug him back.
"Since we're going to reveal that we're in a relationship, I thought that we could do a Q&A along with it!"
"Sounds like a good idea! I'll tweet it out on Twitter right now!" He logs onto Twitter
Will Kiing (@Kiingtong)
Hey guys! I'm doing a Q&A with @shelbygraces today! So, ask your questions using the #Kiibbleq&a
My phone vibrated
"Well, I got the notification for your tweet!"
"Wait... Your notifications are on for my account?" He gave me a weird look
"Well... Yeah actually. Ever since I've first started following you, they've been on... Heh." I say awkwardly
"...Mine are on for your account, too!" I sigh in relief
"I'm gonna check up on Graser." He says as he kisses me on the forehead.
"Okay!" I simply say
I eventually find an outfit, and head to the bathroom

I walk out of Shelby's bedroom, and see Graser in the kitchen... COOKING. What the hell.
"Morning, Grase." I say walking towards him
"You woke up late, dude." He says as he successfully flips a pancake
That was impressive?
"I didn't know you knew how to cook, bro... What is wrong with you?!" I am really concerned right now...
"What do you mean "what's wrong with me?", I'm just cooking breakfast for us, that's all... Geez, Will." He says calmly
"Did you do something? What do you want?"
"Okay, okay. Chill..." I say surrendering
"But really, why are you cooking?"
"Oh. I'm just happy!" He says with a smile
"Because my ship has fully sailed. It's never gonna sink! My ship is strong, William! It's strong!" He raises his arm up in triumph
"Which ship?" I give him a smirk
"How clueless could you be, Will? The ship Kiibble. I'm sure you know that ship very well. Especially since you didn't leave her room last night." He winks
"Dude, we fell asleep watching each other's videos."
"I think you've gotten yourself enough views while here in L.A"
"You can never get enough views." He sounded disappointed
"Okay, you're right..."
Flash forward to Q&A video... Because, I'm lazy. :3

The camera was already set up in Shelby's room. We had all gotten ready, and Graser was in the other room looking for fanfic's to read in his video. My phone was ready with all the questions from Twitter. Shelby walks in and takes a seat in front of the camera, and I take the seat next to her.
"Are you ready to tell them?" I put my arm around her
"I guess... I wouldn't want to be one of those type of YouTubers who hide their "love lives." She looked into my eyes
"I'm sure we'll be fine. Our fans are amazing! They're really supportive." I look back into her eyes. We both seemed to be stuck in each other's gaze.
Will leaned in for the kiss. Think of it as preparation *wink*
"Hey guys! Do you need me to start the cam--- oh... sorry! I didn't mean to walk in on your make out session!" Graser says walking out
"No, no! You weren't interrupting anything!" Shelby laughs
"Oh... Okay... So, do you need me to start the camera?"
"That would be nice of you, Grase."
"Alright! Are you guys ready?" Graser asks
"Yup!" Shelby takes a deep breath
"Alriiiiight. Three, two, one!" Graser starts the camera

"Hellooo everybody! And welcome back to another video. Today I'm here with just Shelby!"
"Heeeello!" Shelby says in her high pitched voice
"So, I tweeted out that I was gonna be doing a Q&A with Shelby, and I told you guys to ask us some questions with the #Kiibbleq&a. But first, Shelby, do you want to make the announcement now, or at the end of the video?" I look at her
"I think we should make the announcement at the end of the video." She looks back at me, and smiles
We both look back at the camera
"Okay, so let's answer some questions then?"
"Yeah, let's do it!" Shelby says enthusiastically
I search for a question on my phone
"Here's one! From @ShipQueen. She asked, what did you first think of each other the first time you met on Harmony Hollow?"
"Well... I thought his accent was adorable! And he seemed like a really cool person!" She said casually
"Wow, thanks Shelby." I couldn't help but blush
"Anyways, I thought her high pitched voice was also adorable. I knew that I wanted to be friends with her from the start!" I smile at her
"Aww, how sweet!" She giggles
More questions were answered.
"Here's the last question. From @Kiibblefan. Do you have feelings for each other?"
"Well, I think our announcement will answer that question! Will, do you wanna say it or should I?" Said Shelby
"I think we should say it together." I suggest
"Okay, three, two, one!" Shelby counts down
"We're a couple!" We say in unison
I give her a kiss on the cheek
"Yup! We're a couple!" She says enthusiastically
"Yeah! And Shelby is going to follow me to the UK to meet my parents!"
"Wait... What? Really?! Omy..." She was shocked, I could tell
"Yup! Anyways, thanks for watching! See you in the next video!" I say turning off, the camera
Next time on...
Well, I guess that's gonna happen! Heheh... Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I didn't have any ideas, and I wasn't home to write it XD
But now that Shelby is gonna meet Will's parents, I now have ideas!
Anyways, thank you so much for reading!

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