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"LILY CALM DOWN, YOU'RE freaking me out." Arabella Arroway said, trying to calm down the pacing red head in front of her. Arabella was enjoying a quiet afternoon of reading inside her room but it was rudely interrupted when Lily Evans showed up, slammed the door, and started pacing in front of her.

"I'm freaking myself out, Ara!" Lily said, practically pulling her hair out. Wide-eyed looking at Arabella.

"Pardon?" The other girl asked, an eyebrow raised and setting her book down. She slowly stood up from her bed and walked up to Lily. She placed both hands on her shoulders, stopping Lily from moving so much. Lily took a deep breath as she looked at Arabella in the eye.

Arabella led Lily to the edge of one of the beds and asked her to sit down. She sat beside her, unsure of what to say. Lily has never acted like this before and she wasn't too sure on why she was being like this at the moment.

"I think I like James." Lily spurted out after a few moments of silence.

Arabella didn't bother to hide the gasp that escaped her lips. She looked at Lily with eyes wide and her mouth agape, only to find her staring at the wall with a confused face.

"W-What? Why? How could you say that? I thought you hated James! And why are you calling him James? You always call him by his last name." Arabella gasped out without taking a breath of air. To say she was shocked would be the biggest understatement.

"I don't know, okay! It's just seeing her with Diana made me feel weird. Like I wanted to be her. I wanted to be the one that James walked to class. I want to be the one who he'd play chess with in the great hall. I want to be the one he joked with. It's freaking me out, Ara!" Lily said in an almost panicked voice.

Arabella's eyes softened as she looked at the redhead in sadness. Though she doesn't want to say it to Lily, she liked James with Diana. She thought they were cute and she liked their dynamic. Most of Hogwarts would agree with her on that.

"Maybe you don't actually like him."

"What makes you say that?"

"It probably just feels weird because he's chased after you for years but now seeing him someone else is just a sudden change that you aren't that used to it. You'll probably be over it in a few days."

"You're probably right. Thanks Ara."

Arabella hoped she was right too. However, she couldn't help but feel sorry for her friend though. Part of her just wishes that Lily hadn't felt like this. For hers, James', and Diana's sakes.

"For the record, I never exactly hated James. He just mildly annoyed me."

Arabella could only laugh at this.


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