Saved By Zack.

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~Chapter Six~


They just had to be here. And they look awful.

Chris looks the worst out of all four of them. He has black eyes, He's wearing a short sleeves shirt so I could see his scabs on his arms And he also had a huge bruise on his neck.

Ian has a bruise on his cheek and his left eye was black.

Mike's wearing a sleeveless shirt and I can see he had bruises all up his arms, but his face isn't harmed.

Zack's probably the least damaged. As far as I can see he only has one black eye.

I'm glad I'm not on Gabe's bad side.

I almost jump out of my skin when I feel hands go over my glasses and eyes.

"Guess who." I hear a very familiar voice say.

I put my hands over his hands and try to take them off. "Gabriel, take your hands off my glasses right now. your going to smear them."

He chuckles, and takes his hands off my glasses. "What did I tell you about calling me Gabriel?" He asks me.

I open my eyes and saw that my glasses were very smeared. I sighed and wiped them off on my shirt. "That if, and I quote; 'If I call you that one more time you will dump me in the Atlantic ocean.' "

he walks around me, and stands in front of me. "Yes, but I'll give you one more chance. But only one." He tells me trying to keep his serious expression on and not smile.

I roll my eyes and smile. "Whatever." My smile disappears as I remember about the jocks. "Sooo, I saw what you did to them." I nod my head toward the group.

He smiles sheepishly and scratches the back of his head. "Oh...They look bad. What happened to them?"

I put my hands on my hips. "You know what happened."

He looks up to the sky, sighs, and then looks back to me. "I couldn't just let them do that to you. I had to teach them a lesson."

I sigh and let it go. " We better get inside before class starts." After I say that, the bell rings.  We walk inside the school, and I can see people giving me looks, but they don't say anything because Gabe's there.

"See you at lunch."  He tells me. Gabe has History class first period.

I nod my head, push my glasses up, and smile. "Okay."

I turn the opposite way that Gabe is going, to go to English class, which is my first period, when I feel someone trip me. My glasses fall off me when I hit the floor, and I felt around for them when someone handed them to me.

I look up after I put them on and  see Chris staring down at me with a evil smile on his face.

"Hello, Sophie." He says sweetly...Too sweetly.


" I don't think it was very nice of you to tell your pathetic little friend what we did to you, now was it?" He says sweetly again.

When I don't  answer he grabs my arm tightly, and pulls me from where I am, to right in front of him.

"Was it?!" I flinch at the tone of his voice, and shrink down.

He shakes me. "Answer me!"

"-N-N..No..." I stutter.

He throws me against the locker, and I hit my head hard. My glasses go flying off my face and I hear them break.

Well, there goes that pair...

"I think that I'm going to have to teach you a lesson... Get it? Teach the nerd a lesson?" He chuckles at his little 'joke' .

"Ha-ha Very funny-well I have to go now...good joke." I stand up and try to walk away but he grabs my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" he whispers in my ear.

He starts to drag me in a empty classroom.

"Help me! No! Please don't!" He puts his hand over my mouth.

"Shut up idiot! If you don't be quiet Your lesson is going to be ten times worse."

"Please don't." I try to say but it come's out muffled, so it sounds like ' Hese Hont' .

He pulls my hair. "I said SHUT UP!"

"Hey! What are you doing?" We both look down the hall and see Zack running towards us.

Chris smiles. "Yo, Dude! Come help me with this freak!" He takes his hand off my mouth and points to me.

When Zack comes close enough he starts walking instead of running.

"What are you doing to her?" Zack asks Chris

"Help me please!" I say to him, and Chris turns me and slaps me.

"I said shut up, didn't I?" I feel tears running down my cheeks.

"Dude, Don't slap her!" I hear Zack tell Chris from behind me.

Chris looks up at Zack with surprised look on his face. "Why not Zack? Are you going soft on this nerd?"

"No!  I just don't think you should hurt her. Just let her go."

Chris raises his eyebrow. "Or what?"

Zack looks like he's having a debate with himself. He finally sighs "Or-Or...Chris, we did enough to her when we threw her in the pool. I mean...we almost killed her! Don't you think that what Gabe did to us was nothing compared to what we did to her?"

Chris's face softens a little. He takes a deep breathe, lets me go, and backs away.

"Fine. But just this once I'll let you go." he points at me. "You better thank God that Zack was here to save you."

Then he starts to walk away, but stops and turns around. " Oh, And tell Gabe that if he ever comes and touches me ever again, I won't go easy on him next time."

 He turns around and finishes walking away. Leaving Zack and I alone.

I sigh and bend over on my hands and knees to find my glasses. Even if they are broken, I still need them to walk to my locker to get another pair.

"Here you go."

I look up and squint, and see that Zack is holding my glasses out to me.

I stand up and shyly smile. "Thank you." I say quietly. I grab my glasses from him and walk away.

What a way, to start my day.

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