Piko's Little D

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This was a joke fic that I ended up writing in a group chat. Why did I do this???

Fukase grabbed Piko's penis in his hand. "You have a cute little d, Piko," Fukase said, giggling a little.

He then proceeded to suck on his little d, making it hard and start to grow into a bigger d. Not as big as Fukase's, of course.

"Uh~ Fukase," Piko said, "Please keep sucking my little d. It feels so good, ahhh~~~!!!"

"Whatever you say, baby~" Fukase said, succing some more of that fire Piko d.

"A-AHHHH~~~!!!!!!" Piko screamed. "MY LITTLE D IS GONNA CUM!"

"I want it to cum in my mouth~" Fukase smirked. He kept succing harder and harder until....... UNTIL

Piko moaned loudly and his little d came in Fukase's mouth.

Fukase succed all the little d cum into his mouth and swallowed it all. "I love you and your little d, Piko"

"I love you, too, Fukase," Piko said.

They キスです and live a happy life

......that involves the succing of little and big ds. Lots of it.

I'm sorry


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