Chapter 1

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Dipper POV

I sighed as I closed my locker. It was the last day of school and I still had one more class to go "Don't worry DIpper, it will soon be over."

"Oh look! Dipshit is talking to himself again!"

 I froze and looked away. Please not now! Gary walked up to me with his goons standing right behind him. "What do you want Gary?" I grumbled and looked up to see his ugly fat face. He sneered,"You think because it's the last day of school you can get away from me,dipshit?" I rolled my eyes,"Of course not! You're kinda hard to miss." One of his goons burst out laughing. 

 Gary sent him a deadly glare before turning back to me. "Listen here, Dipshit.." he grabbed my sweater collar and pulled me close to him. My face felt hot at how close I was to someone "Let me go NOW Gary!" He smirked,"As you wish!" He picked me up and threw me onto the hallway floors. Now I was pissed. "Dipper!" I could barely hear Mabel's voice. I was not going to let anyone push me around. Mabel ran up to Gary and tried to stop him from hurting me any further but he only shoved her away. "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!" I snapped up and ran with my fists clenched. Everything suddenly went black. 

When my vision cleared,Gary was on the floor bleeding from his face. It looked messed up. I looked at my hands shakily. They were covered in fresh blood. Gary's blood. What the hell just happened? Mabel grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the scene. "M-mabel? What's going to happen now?"

She sighed as we stopped near our house "I don't know dipper. I just don't know"

~A few days later~

The bus screeched to a halt. "Fight Falls!" the bus driver called out. Mabel and I got our stuff and stepped out of the bus. "This was all your fault" Mabel grumbled. I rolled my eyes "Then deal with it!" She smiled and punched my arm. I smiled back and walked towards the exit. "So where is this Mystery Shack dad was talking about?" Mabel waved to a walking stranger. He glared at her and went running towards an alley. Man,this town sure is weird. 

"Dad said it was somewhere around these woods" I replied as we followed a small path. We continued to walk until we saw this sign that said "Mystery Shack this way!" Mabel giggled and we walked past the sign. Once we arrived our grunkle came out and greeted us.

 "Hey kids! Welcome to Fight Falls! Where the townsfolk are weird and the fights are real!" I smirked "Well,that sounds good to me." Mabel nodded "I agree." After a small fight on who gets what room and what to eat for lunch, I decided to take a small walk around the town.

I was out for some trouble.

Kill POV

I grabbed my coat and teleported to the fight ally. The most popular alley where you can find the top fighters in fight falls. I had to admit, some of these guys were really good. I was up for it. Two guys were already starting to punch each other. Everyone cheered and placed bets. I coolly leaned against the building wall and watched.

 Movement caught my eye when I spotted a young boy who looked around my age,walking past the alley. I smirked. He is my going to be my next victim. I walked out of the alley and spotted the boy. "Hey you!" I called out. He turned his head around "Are you talking to me?" I sighed "No man,I was talking to the pretty unicorn behind you." He frowned and turned fully around to face me "Are you looking for trouble?" He clenched his fists. I chuckled 

"It's what everyone here in Fight Falls wants." The young boy grinned "Sorry old man, but I don't fight elders." I stopped smirking and glared at him "I'll have you know that I am 16." The boy sneered "I'm 15 but that still makes you an old man." I smiled and held out my hand "I like your style kid, the name's Kill Cipher." The boy walked towards me and shook my hand. "Dipper Pines,nice to meet you Kill." My,this kid looks pretty cute. I looked down on his sweater and noticed that his sweater had a pinetree on it. "Here." I grabbed his hand and pulled out a pen. I wrote down my phone number "Want to hang out later?" 

Dipper's face was red and he looked rather nervous. I noticed that I still was holding his hand.I let go and shoved my hands in my pocket. "S-sure" he muttered. I smiled "It's a date." I wanted to laugh when I noticed his face get redder. "See you later pinetree." I walked away and headed back towards my home. 

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