39 - Lost key and found answer.

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Today is one of the few occasions lately when I have to go back to my apartment to get something left behind. The hospital is planning an official event that will coerce me into using a full-fledged suit. Since it stayed in my loft, here I am.

Fitting the key in the hole I am taken by surprise when it doesn't turn much; showing that the door has already been unlocked. Was there a burglary? But nothing shows signs of a break in.

Carefully pushing open the door, I walk inside of what used to be my house but that now feels almost unknown. Glancing around the semi-loft, everything seems fine; no mess, or crushed objects. The only foreign sensation is the smell of a perfume that my nose recognizes but my brain can't pinpoint.

With a few more steps I reach the empty living room then head to the bedroom. The perfume intensifies. What the hell is going on?

Through the open door, I see the back of a head covered by long and soft dark brown hair, a slim waist enveloped by a pale yellow dress, and long well-shaped legs ending in high heels.

When hearing my steps she turns around giving me a full sight of big brown eyes, and plump red smiling lips. But I didn't need that to be able to know her name. I might not have recognized the perfume but that back I would never mistake for anyone else's.

"Hi, James." She happily chirps.

"Amanda." I respond with a neutral face. "What are you doing here? And how did you get inside?"

She raises her hand and shows me the silver key as if proud of herself. "I still have this."

Pinching the bridge of my nose I ask "What do you want?"

Glancing at me sweetly she comes closer. "I came to see you."

Getting irritated I command "Cut to the point, Amanda. What are you doing in my house after leaving only a couple of months before the marriage?"

Her smile crumbles and her eyes look at me with no traces of the previous playfulness. "I want us to get back together, James."

"No." I state and walk to the wardrobe to retrieve my suit.

Sounding desperate she follows behind. "James, I made a mistake! I know I destroyed what we had but can't you give me a second chance?"

I remain silent and only open the door to the left where the hanging clothes stay.

"I was lonely." There is so much sadness in her voice that my raising arm stops.

However, "I am sorry, Amanda, but a wise person told me that wasn't a good reason."

"James!" She pleads.

Sighing I take the hanger with the garb in the protector bag and face my ex-fiancé. "I am seeing someone."

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