Last Three Episodes of the Naginata of Kenkon Arc

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The demon ninja soon appeared in front of us, but my back was towards them. "Genbu of the Darkness." "Byakko of the Snow." "Seiri of the Moon." "Suzaku of the Flower. The four of us are all Ninjutsu users!" I turned and glared at them.

"So am I." I said, pulling the blue ribbon from my hair and tying my hair back, then I formed hand signs. "Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" I blew out a fire ball towards them and they dodged it. A vortex appeared and a man appeared.

"Lord Hoshiyomi!" Suzaku said. "Shadow Replication." Hoshiyomi said and he made clones of himself.

With Rin, Kagome, and Akitoki

"Are you okay?" Akitoki asked once he grabbed the girls. "We're fine." Kagome said, then they saw the river go into a waterfall and screamed as they fell down it.

Back to Sakura

"You're stupid clones won't work!" I shouted, getting their attention. "Byakugan!" I activated it and found the real one.

"Found you!" I attacked him, but I was thrown back by the demon ninja. "Lady Sakura!" I heard Jaken shout, then I heard a growl coming from Sesshomaru and saw that his eyes were red.

In Sesshomaru's mind

'He harmed her!' His beast said. 'Make him pay!' Sesshomaru glared at Hoshiyomi, surprising Inuyasha's group.

Back to Sakura

Sesshomaru unsheathed Tokijin and moved towards Hoshiyomi, but I stopped him. "What is it?" He asked me and I unsheathed So'Unga. He caught on to what I was planning and we jumped into the air. "Dragon Strike/Twister!" We swung our swords and the attacks merged, then we noticed Hoshiyomi was gone.

"We almost had him!" I said as we landed, then sheathed our swords. "Lord Sesshomaru! Lady Sakura!" We looked over as Jaken and the others ran over to us.

"You managed to beat him." Miroku said. "No, we didn't. He ran away before the attacks hit him." I corrected, then started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Inuyasha asked. "Isn't it obvious? I'm going to find Rin." I said, then they followed me.

With Rin

Akitoki was carrying Kagome on his back since she hurt her ankle, but Rin bandaged it for her. "Does your ankle still hurt, Aunt Kagome?" Rin asked. "It's better, thank you, Rin-chan. Saki-nee has done a great job teaching you." Rin smiled and they kept walking, before Rin stopped.

"What's wrong, Rin?" Akitoki asked. "Aunt Kagome, they look familiar." She pointed ahead and they saw Kagome's friends from her time. They said they'd bring them to their village, but Rin felt like something was wrong.

They suddenly said that they looked like a family, but made the mistake of saying their names. "Tsubaki!" Rin said and the Shun Shun Rikka flew towards the trio, destroying them. "Rin, why'd you do that!?" Akitoki asked shocked the young girl did that.

"We never told them our names, Hojo." Kagome said, answering his question. "I didn't know you had the Shun Shun Rikka with you, Rin-chan." Kagome said.

"Mama usually leaves them with me." Rin said, then Tsubaki flew in front of Rin. "You alright, Rin?" He asked her.

"I'm okay, thank you, Tsubaki!" She said and he smiled softly. "Anything for my mistress's child." He returned to the hair clip, while Rin smiled.

"Aunt Kagome, I can heal your ankle if you want." Rin offered and Kagome smiled. "Sure Rin-chan." Akitoki placed Kagome against a tree and Rin hovered her hands over her aunt's ankle, then an orange barrier appeared as she started to heal her ankle.

It soon disappeared and she lowered her hands as Kagome stood up. "Thanks Rin-chan." She said, then Rin looked at the two Shun Shun Rikka. "Thank you, Shun'O, Ayame." She said and they smiled.

"Your welcome, Rin-chan." They returned to the hair clips, then they started to look for the others again. The demon ninja soon appeared, making the humans gasp. "Hojo, take Rin-chan and run!" Kagome said, wanting to protect her friend and her niece.

Akitoki refused and Rin was about to put up a barrier when suddenly Kagome was grabbed. "Aunt Kagome!" "Kagome!" Her and Akitoki shouted, but she soon disappeared.

With Sakura

While we were looking for the others, I felt someone behind us. "Someone's here!" I told them, then it went black.

Back to Third Person

The others didn't notice Sakura was gone and they soon found Akitoki and Rin. "Papa! Grandpa Jaken! Uncle Inuyasha!" She yelled, running towards her father, then hugging his legs. "Are you alright?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I'm fine. Where's Mama?" She asked, then he realized Sakura was gone and they heard chuckling, making them look up to see Hoshiyomi holding Kagome and Sakura. "Mama! Aunt Kagome!" Rin shouted, while the others drew their weapons.

"If you wish to save them, come to Furai Shrine." Hoshiyomi said, then he disappeared. They ran to the shrine and saw a star-shaped light appear. "The light!!" Inuyasha's group, Akitoki, Jaken, and Rin said.

They were thrown off by the barrier and separated from each other. Sesshomaru caught Rin and Jaken, then placed them on Ah-Un. An arrow shot past them, making him turn around to see Sakura was there, but her eyes were lifeless."Mama!" Rin cheered, running towards her, but Sesshomaru stopped her.

"Die Sesshomaru!" She shot another arrow at him, but he moved out of the way. "Papa, why is Mama attacking us?" Rin asked scared.

"She's under Hoshiyomi's control. Stay with Jaken and Ah-Un, I'll take care of this." Sesshomaru said and she obeyed. "Fight his control, Sakura. He's forcing you to hurt Rin, make her fear you." He said, but she only stared at him blankly.

"Do you truly wish for our daughter to fear her own mother?" He asked and Sakura looked at Rin to see the look of fear in her eyes. "Rin...?" She whispered, life coming back to her eyes, before it vanished.

"Sting all enemies to death. Suzumebachi." Suzumebachi appeared on her hand and she lunged towards Sesshomaru, but he dodged, then he noticed the butterfly on his leg. She lunged towards him again and cut his arm. "Lady Sakura! Have you no respect for what Lord Sesshomaru has done for you!?" Jaken asked, making her flinch.

"Sesshomaru...?" She asked and that's when Sesshomaru realized how to break the control. She has to remember those she's closest to. "Have you forgotten the family that raised you? The family you worked to create here?" He asked.

"My family..." She muttered and he expected her to say anything of the one that raised her. "Sesshomaru... Rin... Jaken... Ah-Un... My family." She whispered, surprising him.

"Mama! We are your family!" Rin shouted, making Sakura freeze. "My daughter... Rin... My friend... Jaken... My beloved... Sesshomaru..." The demon lord's eyes widen at this, realizing Sakura's feelings for him.

He walked towards her, while she was distracted and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close, then Rin hugged their legs. "We're your family, Sakura." He whispered and she gasped. "Sesshomaru...? Rin...? What have I done...?" She asked and he looked at her.

"It wasn't your fault, Mama! You were being controlled by Hoshiyomi!" Rin said. "Rin, I scared you." Sakura said.

"I was scared because I thought I'd lose my mama and papa." Rin said, then Sakura picked her up.

Sakura's POV

"Let's go save Kagome." I said and we ran towards the shrine. We soon made it, but I heard Akitoki confess his feelings for Kagome, then a woman appeared, making Hoshiyomi vanish from existence, allowing us to finish our mission. "Thank you for helping me, Lady Sakura and Lord Sesshomaru." Akitoki bowed to us.

"Don't worry about it. Bye guys." We then walked away.

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