An Ancestor Named Kagome

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Third Person POV

Sesshomaru and his group, minus Sakura, walked into Kaede's village, then to her hut. "Uncle Inuyasha!" Rin cheered, hugging her uncle, then Sesshomaru glanced at the human. "Who are you?" He asked and the man flinched in fear.

"Lord Sesshomaru, this is Akitoki. He requested our help to return a blade to a shrine and we wish to ask Lady Sakura for assistance." Miroku said. "You'll have to wait. Lady Sakura went back to her time." Jaken said.

"Then we'll wait for her and Kagome." Kaede said. "Kagome!?" Akitoki asked excitedly and Rin looked at him.

"Papa." Sesshomaru glanced at her. "Can I go and wait for Mama and Aunt Kagome by the well?" She asked.

"Jaken." The small demon looked at him. "Go with Rin to the well." He ordered.

"Yes, my lord!" The duo ran out, while Akitoki stared at Sesshomaru. "Aunt... Kagome?" He asked.

"That's right, you've never met her before. Sakura is Kagome's older sister and the one who adopted Rin." Inuyasha said. "I see and you...?" He asked, remembering the child called Inuyasha uncle.

"Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru are brothers." Sango answered.

Sakura's POV

I climbed out of the well since I left before Kagome because I wanted to see Rin and Sesshomaru. "Mama, you're back!" I smiled, seeing Rin and Jaken, before I placed down my bag so she could hug me. "Allow me to carry this, my lady." Jaken said, then picked up my bag and I let Rin lead me to Kaede's village, before she ran to the hut.

Third Person POV

Everyone inside the hut looked up when Rin ran inside. "Papa! Mama's back early!" She cheered, pulling on the demon lord's hand to get him outside and he allowed the child to drag him outside to see Sakura talking to Jaken.

Sakura's POV

"Sakura." I turned and smiled at Sesshomaru as he and Rin walked over. "Hello, Sesshomaru." I greeted.

"You are early." He commented. "Kagome was so slow and I decided to go ahead." I lied, then saw Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kaede, and a strange man walk out of the hut.

"Lady Sakura." Sango greeted. "This is Kagome's sister, Sakura?" The man asked.

"That's Lady Sakura to you, human!" Jaken shouted. "And you are?" I asked.

"This is Akitoki. Lady Sakura, might we request your assistance with our new task once Kagome returns?" Miroku asked. "What is it?" I asked.

"I need to return this blade to a shrine." Akitoki answered, then I looked at the bundle he was holding. "If it's okay with Sesshomaru." I said.

"As you wish." He said to me and I nodded. Soon Kagome came back and we set off. We soon reached the knoll of the village. "Let's get to the foot of the mountain." Miroku said, then Kirara transformed, surprising Akitoki, while I helped Rin get behind Jaken on Ah-Un.

"What about the others?" Akitoki asked, after Sango told him to climb on Kirara. "I'm going with Inuyasha." Kagome answered, climbing onto Inuyasha's back, then Shippo jumped onto Miroku's shoulder.

"I'm going with Miroku, he's pretty fast." The young fox demon said, while Sesshomaru wrapped his arm around my waist. "I'm flying with Sesshomaru." I said, noticing he looked at me.

"You can ride with us if you'd like." Rin said and he looked at Ah-Un in fear. "Don't tell me you're afraid of a sweetheart like Ah-Un." I said, then he climbed on Kirara, before we all took off.

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