Shippo's New Technique, The Heart Scar!

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We walked into a village and I could sense Inuyasha's group nearby, then we walked towards them. "Kagome! Sango!" I greeted and they turned to me.

"Saki-nee!" Kagome greeted as I walked towards her and Sango. "What brings you guys here?" Sango asked.

"I managed to convince Sesshomaru that Rin should be around children her own age. What about you?" I asked. "We're helping to get rid of a demon that's been terrorising this village." My sister answered, then I noticed Shippo talking to a young girl.

"How is it that every village we go to Shippo meets girls?" Sango asked. "Probably because of a certain monk he's around too often." I said, then we looked at Miroku.

We watched as Kagome made Inuyasha sit multiple times and Sango scolded Miroku. "Saki-nee, will you and Sesshomaru help us?" Kagome asked. "I guess. Rin, Jaken, stay here with Shippo and Inuyasha." I told them.

"Okay, Mama!" Rin said. "Look after her, Inuyasha." I said, then Sesshomaru and I followed the humans of Inuyasha's group.

Third Person POV

Rin was drawing with the crayons Sakura gave her, while Jaken sat beside her and Inuyasha slept. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" They all look up, hearing Shippo's voice to see him running towards them.

"Shippo! Did the demon show up?" Rin asked. "I need the Tetsusaiga!" The fox demon said, then took the sword and swung it around, while saying Wind Scar, but nothing happened.

Inuyasha tries to show him how, but ended up destroying something and he forced Jaken to help him fix it, while Rin followed Shippo. She lost him and went by the river to look for flowers, then saw a girl around her age, picking flowers. "Hi!" The girl greeted once she saw Rin.

"Hi." Rin walked towards her. "I'm Mizuki, who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Rin. Can I pick flowers with you?" Mizuki nodded, then they started picking flowers. Rin started to make flower crowns and Mizuki watched.

"What's that?" She asked. "A flower crown. My mama taught me how to make them." Rin answered.

"Can you teach me?" Mizuki asked and Rin nodded, before showing her how, then they started laughing, while making their crowns. "So you were adopted by a human and a demon?" Mizuki asked, after Rin finished telling her her story.

"Yup! They think my papa isn't nice, but they're wrong. Papa is really nice." Rin said, then a shadow suddenly came over them and they looked up to see Shippo in his balloon form.

"Foolish humans! The joke's on you!" He said, then five foxes appeared on his head, before they started throwing acorns at the girls, which resulted in them rolling down the hill into the river. Shippo transformed back and ran towards them.

"Are you two okay?" He asked worried mainly because he didn't want Mizuki to hate him or for Rin to tell Sesshomaru and Sakura. They stood and glared at him, making him flinch. "Stay away from me. I hate you!" Mizuki yelled, then ran away, while crying.

"Wait until Papa and Mama find out about this!" Rin said with tears in her eyes at the fact her friend did this to her and her new friend, before she followed after Mizuki.

Sakura's POV

We turned to Miroku after he exorcised another demon and we decided to stop after that because we weren't getting anywhere. We walked back to the mansion and sat down, waiting for our meals. "Hey, Rin?" Shippo asked, but she crossed her arms and looked away from him.

"What'd you do, Shippo?" I asked. "Nothing!" He said, then flinched at the glare Rin was giving him.

"Her glare is just like Lord Sesshomaru's!" Jaken said. "Rin." She turned towards Sesshomaru.

"What happened?" He asked, but, before she could answer, girls carried our trays in and set them in front of us. "Hey, Mizuki." Shippo said, then the girl stuck her tongue out at him and left with the others.

"What'd you do to the poor girl, Shippo? It must've been bad since Rin won't even talk to you." Shippo glared at Inuyasha, making the half-demon flinch. "Heart Scar!" Shippo shouted, before biting Inuyasha.

We all watched this with amusement. "Well, Rin?" I asked, wanting to know what happened. "Shippo and five fox demons played a mean joke on me and Mizuki. Those five foxes threw acorns at us!" She said and I looked at Shippo.

I heard a quiet chuckle beside me when Inuyasha started screaming from the pain and saw Sesshomaru had a small smile on his face with a look of amusement in his eyes. I blushed and kept watching, while we all ate.

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