Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride

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I was walking beside Sesshomaru with Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un behind us. "Saki-nee!" I turned around and smiled seeing Kagome. "Hey Kagome!" I greeted as her group reached ours and I noticed the man with them.

"Who's he?" I asked. "This is Kisuke. He asked us to help him stop a demon who steals young single women." My eyebrow twitched hearing that and I turned to Sesshomaru.

"Can we help them?" I asked him and he raised an eyebrow. "I can't stand the thought of that happening to other women. Please Sesshomaru!" I begged.

"Can we help them, Papa?" Rin asked and he glanced at her. "As you wish." He answered and I smiled.

"Thank you, Sesshomaru!" Kagome said and we let Kisuke lead us to a cave. "Everyone, Kisuke has returned!" A woman said and many others ran towards him.

"Don't worry, everyone. I've found professional demon slayers for you. You can just count on them." Kisuke said and I scoffed. "More like count on everyone, but the monk." I said and Sango chuckled.

"Mama, what's he doing?" I heard Rin ask and I looked at the monk to see him trying to get the women to bear his children. "Mi-ro-ku." I growled, a red vein appearing on my head and a dark aura surrounding me.

I punched him on the head, then felt a demonic aura. "Its here." I told them, before we walked out of the cave, leaving Rin with the women. "This seems like a powerful demon! Will Rin and the girls be alright!?" Miroku asked.

"Either the scent of Sakura or Kagome will draw him away from them." Inuyasha said, making Kagome and I look at him. "We know the demon only goes after young and pretty girls, so we'll forgive you for using us as bait." Kagome said.

"Young and pretty? I don't see anyone like that." We glared at him and shared a look. "SIT!" He fell to the ground and we stood a rock, waiting for the demon. My eyebrow twitched once the wind calmed down and a pig demon appeared.

"You're the one stealing the village women?" I asked. "You're right! Pretty girls, will you bear my child?" He asked Kagome and I.

"That sounds familiar." I said to her and she nodded. "Hey, hey. You better give up now." Inuyasha said as he, Sesshomaru, and the others walked over.

"Who are you?" The pig asked. "I thought you were some strong demon, but you're just a pig demon." Inuyasha said.

"He's only a pig demon?" Miroku asked in disappointment. "I'm not a pig demon, I'm a Pig Marshall!" The pig said.

"Well, that's fine. Inuyasha, he's all yours." Miroku said. "Hey Sesshomaru, you'll handle this won't you?" Inuyasha asked as he and Miroku turned to leave.

"I refuse to waste my time on such a weak demon." Sesshomaru said. "You're not worth Lord Sesshomaru's time!" Jaken said as they followed Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey!" I shouted. "Yes?" Miroku asked as they stopped.

"So you're afraid of me now and running away with your tail between your legs?" The pig asked and a vein appeared in my head. "What'd you say!?" Jaken and I shouted and Kagome looked at me.

"Saki-nee?" She asked and I blushed, looking away from her. "How dare you insult Lord Sesshomaru!?" Jaken asked.

"How dare you make a fool of Chokyukai?" The pig asked and I raised a brow at the familiar name. "That name sounds familiar. Doesn't it, Saki-nee?" Kagome asked me and I nodded.

"You two know him?" Inuyasha asked. "I like pork chops, but I don't have pig friends!" Kagome argued and I shook my head at them.

"Sakura." I turned to Sesshomaru. "Do you know him?" I shook my head. "His name just sounds familiar." I answered.

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