Dried-Up Demons Episodes

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We walked towards the well and I turned to my group once we reached it. "I'll see you all soon." I said and, before I could move closer to the well, I felt small arms wrap around my legs, making me look down to see Rin. "What's wrong, Rin?" I asked, kneeling to her height.

"I want to come with you, Mama." She told me. "Rin, I'm not even sure if you can pass through the well like me and Sesshomaru." I told her.

"Sakura." I glanced up at Sesshomaru. "Let us see if it works. If it does, she may accompany you to your time." I frowned, but nodded and picked up Rin.

I jumped down and once I touched the bottom I saw Rin was still in my arms, then I jumped out of the well. I walked out of the shed and saw Sota. "Saki-nee! You're back!" He ran up to me and I placed Rin down, making him freeze when he saw her.

"Mama, who's he?" Rin asked. "Rin, this is your uncle, Sota. Sota, this is your niece, Rin." I introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Sota!" Rin greeted. "You too, Rin." He greeted, then we walked into the house.

"I'm back!" I called, then Mom and Grandpa walked over. "Saki-chan, welcome home. Oh, is this Rin-chan?" Mom asked and I nodded.

"Rin, this is your grandmother and great-grandfather." I introduced. "Nice to meet you!" She greeted.

"Oh, you were right, Saki-chan, she is adorable!" Mom said. "I'm back!" Rin smiled and ran towards where she heard Kagome's voice from.

"Aunt Kagome!" She greeted and we saw her hugging my sister. "Hi Rin-chan." Kagome greeted, then she handed Mom a bundle.

"How about we all sit and have some dinner?" Mom asked and we nodded, before sitting at the table. I chuckled, seeing how Rin stared at everything in shock. "There's so much!" She exclaimed, making us laugh.

"Go ahead and try it, Rin." I showed her what to do and she took a bite, before smiling. "Yummy!" We smiled and started eating, then I noticed how fast Kagome was eating.

"Kagome, slow down, you might choke." I told her. "I'm going back to school tomorrow. So I need to store up energy. I at least need to catch up on all my classes, Saki-nee." She told me and kept eating.

"She's serious." Grandpa said. "Seconds please!" Kagome said, handing Mom her bowl and she went to refill it.

"Mama, can we bring some of this food back with us for Papa and Grandpa Jaken?" Rin asked. "How about I make something instead?" I asked and she nodded.

Once we finished, I gave Rin a bath after Kagome finished hers and let her wear one of my shirts to sleep in. "Alright, time to go to sleep." I placed her in my bed, then climbed in beside her, before we fell asleep.

Third Person POV

Sesshomaru walked into Kaede's village and saw Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara, before walking towards them. "What are you doing here, Sesshomaru? This is a human village." Inuyasha said.

"Sakura went back to her time and Rin went with her. I'm merely awaiting their return." Sesshomaru answered, then Sango noticed what Shippo was eating. "Not again. No matter how many times we demon slayers tell them they never listen." She said, taking the dried food away.

"This food is made from demons." She added, then held up a piece. "This is from a fungal demon called Shironyuudou." She said.

"Is it dangerous?" Jaken asked curiously. "Like this it isn't, but if you put it in water and heat it..." "You mean if you boil it?" Miroku cut her off.

"If you boil it, a new demon is born." She took the rest and got rid of it. "Lord Sesshomaru, you said Rin went with Lady Sakura to her time?" Miroku asked.

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