Body pillow

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Alex tapped his foot on the ground, rolling his eyes. Samuel Seabury was trying to a argument with him.Again.

"Vanilla ice  cream is better than cookie dough ice cream" Samuel growled, stepping closer to Alex.

"No way, cookie dough is better than vanilla because-BEEP" Alex looked down at his Hello Kitty watch.

His  future boyfriend should be coming over his house at 3:00.

"I gotta go Seabury,  I'll win this argument tomorrow" Alex shouted as he ran to the office, leaving a confused Samuel Seabury behind.  Alex burst into the office  looking for his orange backpack. 

"Ms. secretary nobody knows the name of because the author is a un creative piece of trash, do you happen to know where my back pack is."

"Yes, its in Principal George- I mean Principal King George the thirds office" She sighs rolling her eyes.

Alex nodded, "Thanks" and and ran to Principal King George the Thirds office, " I hate my life" he hears the secretary mutter under her breath.

"Me too" he chuckled to himself, Alex runs into Principal King George the Third"s office grabbing his backpack. "Bye Principal King George the third" Alex shouts running out the office.

"Bye, my royal subject" Principal in George the Third calls back, probably playing with his red dollar tree crown.  Alex rolled his eyes, how he hated Principal King George the Third. He thinks that he's all that when he not, on the first day of school principal King George the Third told everyone to call him that or they'll get suspended. The man was bat shit crazy.  Alex had some not so,school friendly words to tell him.

Alex ran down the hall bumping into almost every person, he ran outside America High  to the bike rack. "2;40" he muttered to himself, " Fuck it, I'll get the stupid bike tomorrow"

He ran out the school yard all the way to his street Liberty Avenue, he looks down at his watch for the 66th time today, "2:48",I better stop talking to myself and get home already he runs down his street Freedom Avenue.  Alex made it to his large brick house, "1776" he mutters to himself climbing up the brick stairs. He burst through his front door, running up his steps to his room. Closing the door behind him he gasped, his room was a utter mess. Dirty underwear on the floor, his bed  unmade, and worse of all his super secret picture of John were all over his room. 

He looks down at his watch, "2:55" he shouts, John would be here in five minutes. Alex picked up all his underwear, stuffed it all in his dresser drawer. Quickly made up his bed and stared o take down all the pictures of John. 

"Alex your friend John is here" Alex's dad shouts from downstairs. Alex looks down at his watch 2:58, John was two minutes early. Alex quickly stuffed all the pictures in the same drawer the underwear was in. Alex smooths out his Yuri on Ice t-shirt, fixes his ponytail, and slid on his pink kitty ears. Alex hears John's footsteps coming up the stairs , Alex looks at his rocking chair in horror. His anime body pillow with John's face on it was still there. As the door slowly opened Alex quickly grabs the picture off the body pillow, crumbles it up and stuffs it in his mouth.

"Hey, Alex" John, whispers walking into the room.

"Mi Jon" Alex tries to say "Hi John" with a mouth full of paper.

"Um, yeah are you-"John points to Alex's mouth."Okay"

Alex puts his finger up, chewing the paper and swallowing  it. "Yeah sit-sit down" Alex stuttered sitting down on the bed. John walks over to Alex's bed sitting down. For a good two minutes they sat in silence until Alex spoke up.

"You came two minutes early."

"Were you tracking the time until I got here" John gasped scouting away from Alex.  

"Yes, yes I was" Alex says nonchalantly.

"Your a real creep" John shook his head, a small smile creeping up on his face.

Alex grinned, "Yes, yes I am". The two started laughing, falling on the floor, rolling. A loud knock interrupts their laughter. 

"Come-Ha- in" Alex laughed, wiping his tears away. The door opens revealing John's History teacher.

"Mr Washington?" John gasps.

"In the flesh" Alex stands up walking to the door.

"Alexander is my son" Mr Washington smirks.

"DON'T CALL ME SON" Alex snatches the ice cream bowls out of his hands.
Mr Washington  looks around before pipping up. "Hey Alex, where are those pictures of-"

"Bye, Washington" Alex sighs pushing him out the door. John laughed under his breath.

"I wish me and my dad had the same relationship as you too"

Apex squints walking over to John, "He is not my dad, now take this vanilla ice cream and stuff it in you pie hole because I know you love vanilla" he stuffs the bowl towards John.

"Wait, how do you know that's my vanilla is my favorite flavor." John moves away, clearly scared. Alex's face drops, " Well, you see" he starts.

"Do you remember July 9th, 2016 at 3:00 pm, when you, Hercules and Lafayette was at the park and you were wearing your favorite turtle shirt and shorts and you asked Hercules can he buy you your favorite ice cream because Hercules pushed you into a pile of turtle food, and then he bought you vanilla."   Alex sighed.

"And where was you" John began to eat the ice cream, intrigued.

"In the bushes" Alex look down, folding his hands.

"Oh" John paused eating his ice cream.

"God damn it Alex, John probably hates you now" Alex thinks, sighing,

"Anyway" John gets up walking to the door, " Do yo wanna come to the park later on today at about 5:30" 

Alex eyes lights up, " Would I"

"Okay, its a date" John opens Alex's door walking out. Alex runs to the window opening his red curtains, watching John skip down the street. 

Alex grabs his body pillow and a picture of John from the drawer, he places the pictures on the body pillows face sighing.

" John, I can't wait for our date tonight" He grins smashing his lips onto the body pillow.

Mr. Washington pov 

'Bye Mr. Washington" John waves walking out the front door.

"Bye, John" he calls after him. George has the biggest smile on his face, his anti social son finally has a friend. He walks up the stairs to Alex's room grinning more, he knocks on the door and opens it. " Hey Alex John is a ni-" He looks up to see his son shirtless with a body pillow under him.

" WASHINGTON I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING"  Alex shouts. George close the door, leaning against it. " He really need more friends" He whispers walking away.

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