Jaken Falls Ill

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I was walking beside Sesshomaru with Jaken, Rin, and Ah-Un behind us. "Papa, I'm starting to get really hungry. May I go and look for something to eat?" Rin asked, but Sesshomaru didn't answer.

"Quiet! A forest like this will have nothing for you to eat! You'll just have to wait!" Jaken said. "Yes but..." "I don't want to hear any buts out of you... Huh!?" Sesshomaru and I glanced over our shoulders when we heard that.

"I'll be very quick!" Rin said as she ran to find food. "Foolish girl. You come back here right now, Rin!" Jaken ordered.

"Jaken." The small demon looked at Sesshomaru. "Let her be." He ordered.

"Should I follow her?" I asked him. "I sense no danger, she'll be fine." I nodded, then we sat down, while we waited for Rin.

My head shot up when I heard Rin scream, then Sesshomaru ran in the direction she ran off in, while Jaken and I followed. We made it in time to see him free Rin from the demon and I caught her. "Amazing, Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken praised.

"You're so dashing, Papa!" Rin cheered. "Kill the demon, Sesshomaru!" I cheered.

Soon the demon was dead and I saw Naraku's poisonous insects. "Jaken protect Rin!" I started to help Sesshomaru with them. "Jaken, the nest should be nearby." Sesshomaru said.

"Yes, leave it to me!" He, then runs off with Rin to find the nest. They soon flew away and we went to find Rin and Jaken, then I noticed the insects near them, while Jaken was protecting Rin. "Jaken, get down!" I ordered, running towards them as I summoned Tokijin, then I destroyed the insects, along with the hive.

"You saved us, Lady Sakura!" Jaken said. "Thank you, Mama!" Rin said.

"Sakura, come with me." I followed Sesshomaru as we chased the poisonous insects. Sesshomaru wraps his arm around my waist, before turning into a ball a light, then I saw the insects fall along with Inuyasha's group there. We landed in front of them, before the ball of light disappeared, revealing ourselves.

"Sesshomaru!?" "Saki-nee!?" Kagome and Inuyasha asked, but I ignored them as I looked at the now dead insects. "Did you kill them? The poisonous insects." Sesshomaru asked.

"Poisonous insects? Those annoying bugs?" Inuyasha asked. "Ignorant bastard." Sesshomaru said and I rolled my eyes, before noticing something strange about the insects.

"Sesshomaru, look at this!" I said and he turned to me from where he was fighting his brother. He walked towards me. "What is it?" He asked.

"They didn't kill them." I pointed towards where their stingers should be. "Their stingers are gone, that's why they died." I explained.

"How did they manage to lose them?" He asked me and I shrugged, before I felt something off, making me stiffen. "What is it?" He asked.

"You left before the Monkey God could say where Naraku's whereabouts are. He said his presence is in the Northeast direction." Kagome said.

"Northeast direction? That is all I need." Sesshomaru said. "Sesshomaru, why are you after Naraku?" Inuyasha asked.

"I won't forgive him!" Sesshomaru said, then ran off and I realized he left me behind. "Wait for me, Sesshomaru! Sting all enemies to death! Suzumebachi!" I ran after Sesshomaru.

The same feeling was still there and I jumped into the trees, before closing my eyes, then activating the Byakugan. My eyes widened when I saw Rin's energy and I glanced in Sesshomaru's direction, before I rushed towards him. "Sesshomaru!" I shouted and he turned to me as I ran beside him.

"I think something might be wrong with Rin." I told him, then the feeling came back. "Something's wrong." I whispered.

"Mama! Papa!" We both froze, hearing that scream. "Rin!" I shouted, then Sesshomaru grabbed me and turned into a ball of light, then flew towards Rin and caught her as she fell.

He let me climb onto Ah-Un and I held Rin close, then noticed the flower she was holding. "This flower..." I started. "What about it?" He asked as we flew through the air.

"This is used to cure the poison of the poisonous insects. Why would she..." I trailed off as I realized something. "Jaken, must have been stung, that's why they didn't have their stingers." I said and we flew faster, knowing Jaken didn't have much time left.

I kneeled beside him, after I handed Rin to Sesshomaru, and quietly started to make the antidote. "Lady... Sakura...?" I glanced over to see Jaken looking at me. "Here, drink this." I helped him drink the antidote, then he passed out.

"He'll be fine. He just needs to rest." I told Sesshomaru and he nodded, then I put Rin to bed.

Jaken soon woke up and sat beside Rin, who started to wake up. "You're okay!" He said. "Grandpa Jaken, are you alright?... Or did I die also?" She asked.

"Idiot. Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Sakura saved you." Jaken said. "Mama and Papa?" She asked, then looked at us.

She suddenly starts crying, then hugs Jaken, who looks like he's about to cry. "Mama! Papa!" We glanced at them as they ran over. "Lord Sesshomaru! Lady Sakura!" Jaken said, trying to copy Rin.

"Let's go." Sesshomaru said and I nodded, while standing up. "Okay!" Rin smiled.

"Lord Sesshomaru, everything is back to normal!" Jaken said.

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