Three Sprites of the Monkey God

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We were walking down a road when I felt a familiar presence. "Byakugan." I said, getting the attention of the others. "Inuyasha and the others are up ahead." I told them.

"May we go see them, Papa?" Rin asked. "Foolish child! Lord Sesshomaru doesn't have time to visit a half-demon and a group of humans!" Jaken said.

"As you wish." Sesshomaru said and I smiled, then I noticed Jaken froze. We started walking towards Inuyasha's group and they soon came into view. "Hey, Kagome!" I waved to her and they turned to us.

"Saki-nee!" She ran over and hugged me. "What are you doing here and why did you bring him?" Inuyasha asked, motioning towards Sesshomaru.

"I can't control him, Inuyasha. We came here because someone wanted to see you guys." I told them and Rin walked over. "This is the little girl you were protecting, isn't it?" Inuyasha asked me and I nodded.

"That's right. I'd like you to meet my adopted daughter, Rin. Rin, this is Aunt Kagome, Uncle Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara." I told her and she smiled shyly.

"Nice to meet you." She greeted. "Wait a second... Uncle Inuyasha!?" The half-demon asked.

"Yup!" Rin smiled. "She sees Sesshomaru as her father so that makes you her uncle." I explained.

"Mama look!" I glanced at Rin and saw her pointing at large holes in the field. "He's here! Over there!" We turned and saw villagers running up to us, then Rin hid behind me.

"Please wait!" One of them begged. "The villagers?" Sango asked.

"That silver-haired guy!" One of them said. "Which one?" Another asked.

"The one with the ears that's certainly not human!" Another answered, then I looked at Inuyasha since he's the only guy with silver hair and ears that don't make him look human. "They're talking about you, Inuyasha." I told him.

"How do you know they aren't talking about Sesshomaru!?" He asked me. "I don't see any ears that make him not look human." I told him.

"Dog God, please save us all!" One of the villagers begged. "Dog God?" I asked.

They soon brought us to the village and the villagers all bowed to Inuyasha, while saying 'Dog God'. One of them soon brought up an offering for Inuyasha. "What's going on with them, Mama?" Rin asked me.

"The village is in a bad state because of monkeys, young one." A villager answered. "Monkeys?" Inuyasha asked. The villagers soon started begging Inuyasha to save them, then Miroku stood up.

"I understand. Leave it to us." He said, then told Inuyasha that he and Sango would look for Naraku. "I can help if you want." I suggested.

"Could you, Saki-nee?" Kagome asked. "Sakura." I glanced at Sesshomaru.

"Yes?" I asked. "Do as you please." I nodded.

"Jaken." The small demon turned to Sesshomaru. "Go with the monk and demon slayer to find Naraku." He said.

"Yes, my lord!" They climbed on Kirara and took off. "Rin, stay close to me and Sesshomaru, okay?" I asked her.

"Yes Mama!" She said, then gripped my hand in hers. We soon started walking through the forest and I let Shippo ride on my shoulder. "Sakura." I nodded, then closed my eyes, before snapping them open, activating the Byakugan.

"Something's coming, but it's energy is strange." I told them, then a giant monkey came into view. "Rin, stay behind me." She ran behind me, then I realized what was so strange about its energy.

I sighed in irritation, deactivating the Byakugan, then jumping into the air clenching my fist, before punching it's head. "Ow! That hurt!" It soon disappeared and three small monkeys were in it's place.

"How'd you know there was more than one, Saki-nee?" Kagome asked. "It's energy was weird, but when it got closer I could see three different energies inside it." I explained.

"Did you cause havoc in the village?" Inuyasha asked, kneeling down. "It's all our fault!" One said.

"Please forgive us!" Another begged. "As a form of apology, we offer you our Spirit Stone." The first one said, holding out a stone to Inuyasha, then placed it on his palm.

"In that case, I won't hesitate to take it." Inuyasha said. "Foolish little brother, you do not know anything of demon monkeys, do you?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Who asked you!?" Inuyasha asked and Sesshomaru scoffed. "Inuyasha, I think you should listen to him for once." I said.

"No way!" He shouted, then the stone turned into a boulder. "Monkey demons are similar to fox demons in terms of tricks." Sesshomaru said.

"Why didn't you say so earlier!?" He asked. "Uncle Inuyasha, Mama tried to get you to listen to Papa, but you wouldn't." Rin said. Inuyasha tried to force them to remove the spell, but they threw another Spirit Stone on top of the boulder and it soon turned into one as well.

Shippo soon started chasing them and we followed, then Kagome and I clapped our hands to get their attention away from each other. "Okay, that's enough!" I said, then Kagome held up some packages of candy. "Who wants a snack?" She asked.

We sat at a broken down shrine and Shippo, Rin, and the monkeys were enjoying their candy, while Sesshomaru sat against a tree a short distance away. "Why did you play pranks on the village?" I asked the monkeys.

"It's not a prank! We're searching for the Monkey God!" One of them, Goso, told me. "Monkey God?" I asked.

"He's the god that belongs to this shrine." He told me. "We, the entrusted spirits of Monkey God..." Another one, Buso, said.

"...have the responsibility to defend this shrine." The last one, Keso, finished, then they started telling the story and explained what they were doing. We soon heard thumping sounds and I remembered Inuyasha. "Can you guys reverse the spell you put on Inuyasha?" I asked.

"We can't. We.... Forgot the spell." Goso said, then Inuyasha came into view. "What!?" He shouted and the three monkeys hid behind me.

"The Monkey God can lift the spell!" Goso said. "He's the one that taught it to us!" Buso added.

"Then let's hurry and find the godly form!" Kagome said, then they all ran off. "Let's go, Sesshomaru, we need to keep an eye on them." He soon started following me.

Time for Inuyasha's imagination

"You're clumsy, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru said. "What have you become, mutt?" Koga asked.

"You...!" Sesshomaru flexed his claws, then took away the Tetsusaiga. "The Tetsusaiga is too good for you." He turns and walks away. "You're useless."

"Return it!" Inuyasha ordered. "I can't believe you think you can protect my sister." Sakura said, while crossing her arms.

"You're pathetic, Inuyasha." She turned and followed Sesshomaru. "Take that back!" He ordered.

"Leave Kagome to me." Koga said, while holding Kagome in his arms and she waves to the half-demon. "You!" Inuyasha shouts in horror.

"Tetsusaiga will be used by me." Sesshomaru said. "A full demon like Koga should protect my sister." Sakura said.

"Let's go Kagome." Koga said, then starts to walk away. "Wait! You bastards!" Inuyasha shouts, but they ignore him.

Back with the others

Sango, Miroku, and Jaken soon came back, then Miroku said he could try to do something in the morning. "Sakura, you think I can protect Kagome, right?" Inuyasha suddenly asked me. "Uh, I guess so..." I trailed off, then he walked away... sort of. We eventually did find the Monkey God and he removed the spell, then my group left.

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