Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured/The Demon's True Nature

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We were walking through the forest to where Sesshomaru said an old friend of his father's lived. "Woods.... squirrel... lily... yellow... Your late father's friend lives this deep in the forest?" Jaken asked.

"Welcome.... I've been waiting." A voice said and we stopped. "A voice... from the sky." Rin said in shock.

"I don't see anyone." Jaken said, looking at the sky. "I've been expecting you... Sesshomaru." The voice said.

"You knew I was coming, Bokusen-Oh?" Sesshomaru asked. "You've come to speak to me about the swords." A face appeared on the tree in front of us.

"The information you seek about the Tetsusaiga, your father's heirloom sword. Or..." The tree started. "A tree demon!" Rin said.

"Lord Sesshomaru, just what is that?" Jaken asked. "A 2,000 year old magnolia tree." Sesshomaru answered.

"The sheaths of the swords, the Tetsusaiga and the Tensaiga, that belonged to Sesshomaru's father were carved from my boughs." Bokusen-Oh said. "You must be Sakura, the human with the ability to make exact copies of weapons?" He asked me.

"Yes, sir." I said. "You've only made copies of the Tenseiga and the Tetsusaiga." He stated.

"As well as the Tokijin." I added and he chuckled. "Bokusen-Oh... You would know... The link between Inuyasha and the Tetsusaiga." Sesshomaru said.

"Inuyasha? You mean your younger brother?" The tree asked. "Inuyasha's blood changed. The first time was when a demon bit into the Tetsusaiga. The second time, he had let go of the Tetsusaiga, while fighting me." The demon lord said and I remembered the blood-thirsty eyes that Inuyasha looked at me with.

"It changed from a half-demon's blood scent to the smell of a demon's blood – like mine and my father's." Sesshomaru's voice snapped me out of my thoughts, while Bokusen-Oh chuckled. "Inuyasha is a half-demon born between a demon and a human. He could never become a full-fledged demon. Sesshomaru…there is something, that you, a full-fledged demon, can do, but which Inuyasha could never do." He said.

"Something Inuyasha could never do?" I asked. "Yes, maintain oneself." He answered.

"Maintain oneself?" Sesshomaru and I asked. "Yes. For example, Sesshomaru, during a battle, if you are cornered, you are able to remain calm. You never lose control of yourself." This made Sesshomaru scoff.

"I would never get into such a desperate situation." Sesshomaru said and Bokusen-Oh chuckled. "Perhaps. However, Inuyasha is different. If backed into a corner and his life is in danger, in order to protect his life, his demon blood takes control of the body and transforms." He explained.

"So Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father's blood is too powerful for a half-demon like Inuyasha?" I asked. "Exactly. It could be said that the demon blood devours the soul. He cannot recognize himself. He cannot differentiate between friend or foe… He just kills. And in that transformation Inuyasha will eventually lose his soul. He will become a demon who only knows how to fight and kill. He will continue until he's destroyed." Bokusen-Oh explained.

"Is that the reason why Inuyasha was left with the Tetsusaiga? To protect him?" I asked. "Yes it is." He answered.

"Let's go." Sesshomaru said. "You go ahead, I'll catch up in a bit." He nodded, then they walked away.

"Bokusen-Oh..." I started. "You want to know if Sesshomaru's demon blood is too strong for half-demons." He cut me off.

"How did you know that?" I asked. "I see the way you look at Sesshomaru. Your swords may be replicas, but the sheaths are still apart of me and they've told me of your feelings. To answer your question, it most likely will be." I nodded, then rushed after my group.

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