Chapter 8: It All Started In The Shower

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The next day I stayed home because I was hurting to bad

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The next day I stayed home because I was hurting to bad. And because I know that if I went Noah would ask what happened to me. Like how I got my black eye and bruises from last night.

I look out of my window and see no cars. Looks like I'm home alone for the rest of the day. I walk down the stairs. What should I do today?

Shower. I'm going to take a nice hot shower. I grab a towel and run up stairs. I turn the shower on and put my hand in to make sure that it's hot.

I take my clothes off and jump in the shower. 10 minutes later I hear crashing down stairs. Can't I take a shower without loud noises!?

I turn the shower off and rap a towel around me. I run to my bedroom. Hopefully nobody- what the heck!? "Well I didn't expect to see you here." A voice says,

"It's my house! W-who the hell are you!?" I yell, the one time I don't have my glasses on. Am I right? "You don't recognize us?" I hear one of the 4 figures ask.

"Well obviously not. She doesn't have her glasses on." Another voice says, then there was a loud slap. I walk to my bed and put on my glasses. I then scream.

"What are you doing in my house!? Get out! I-I only have a freaking to-towel on!" I yell, there was the 3 boys from that day at school Shane, John, and Jason.

"We know." Jason smirks, "You know what Noah would do if he heard you say that?" John asks, "Well he isn't going to find out." Jason says glaring at John.

"G-Get out," I say, they don't listen. "F-Fine." I say, I grab some of my clothes and walk back to the bathroom. I quickly change and brush my hair before they do something to this house.

Then I run back to my room but they are nowhere to be seen. Where could they have gone!? I wasn't even gone for that long!

I run down stairs to see them at the kitchen grabbing some food. I scream. "No! No! No! Put that back right now! D-Don't eat anymore of that food!" If my parents see food missing, I'm dead.

"Why? We're hungry." Shane says, "Yeah, be nice to your guest, sister." I look behind me to see Damson. "Sister!?" The boys yell, "Damson? Are you okay?! What the hell are you doing here?!" I ask,

"I'm here to kidnap my little sister. You'll be 18 next week so you can just live with me." Damson says, "L-live with you?" I ask, "Yep," He says, "Now we don't have much time. Come on."

Damson pulls me out of the house with the boys following behind. We all get into a van. Damson was driving, Jason sat in the passenger seat, John was on my right and munching on a candy bar quietly, and Shane was on my left.

The whole ride to, I don't even know where, was silent. I didn't know what to think. But I had so many questions and not enough answers.

"W-Where are we g-going?" I ask, "Our home." Damson says, I stay quiet after that. Ten minutes later we stop at a house, no a mansion. "Wow," I say getting out of the black van. "T-This is a-amazing."

"Isn't it? This is your home now. Well until you decide to move out," Damson says hugging me. "I missed ya baby sis."

"I missed y-you too." I say, "Hey, uh, sis go in the house. We'll be in there in a minute." Damson says, smiling. I nod and make my way in the house.

I walk in, it was beautiful. And...clean? That's surprising since so many boys live here. I sit on a couch that was in a big room, I'm guessing the living room. It's hard to tell with this big place.

Then the boys walk in. "Guys! Come meet in the living room!" Damson yells, then a bunch of guys meet in the living room. "Guys, this is the girl I've been talking sister." Damson says, he pulls me up from the couch.

I hear someone chocking. Everyone turns to the noises. "Noah?" I ask surprised. "Oh my god." Noah says,

"Don't say the lords name in vain. That's bad." I say, "Did you just...not stutter?" Damson asks in shock. I look down at my shoes. "That's amazing," Damson says excitedly

"Anyways, this is the gang." Damson says, "Excuse me. Gang?" I ask, "Yes, I'm in a gang and you're living with a gang."

"Sorry, I'm having a hard time processing all of this." I say, Damson sighs. "Finally a girl is here!" One boy smirks, Noah glares at him then the boy doesn't say anything else.

"Thalia, we can just talk later. I'll show you where your room is then you can take a nap and think about all of this." Damson says, I nod. "I'll take her, you can stay here." Noah says,

"Are you sure?" Damson says scratching the his neck. "I'm sure." Noah says, "Okay. I'll see ya in a little bit." Damson says, I smile at him.

"Come on." Noah says, I follow Noah up the stairs and into a hall where nobody was. "What are you doing here strutter girl?!" Noah whisper yells, I laugh.

"I have no idea." I say, "Okay, well thank you so much for telling me that you are Damson's sister." Noah says sarcastically. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that it mattered so much." I say,

"Well it does. Here's your room," He says, stopping at a door. "Hopefully not for long." He mumbles, I don't think I was supposed to hear that. So I'm just going to ignore it.

I walk in. "Well thank yo-" I start but he slams the door once I walk in. How rude. Just to think...this all started when I was in the shower.

this all started when I was in the shower

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