Kaijinbo's Evil Sword/Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin

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A/N: In the Japanese dub, Rin calls Jaken Grandpa Jaken and I thought it'd be funny to use that.


Jaken and Rin ran towards a head of a demon, then Rin stopped when she reached it. "I win!" She cheered and I smiled. "Fool! This is not a race!" Jaken told her.

"Look Grandpa Jaken! Just as Lord Sesshomaru said, there's a dead demon!" She said, pointing at the head. "Inuyasha did this?" I questioned, looking at Sesshomaru.

"I don't see him getting away unscathed either." Sesshomaru said, before picking up the head and Rin started screaming. "Let's go." He said and started walking away, while I followed him.

"We're taking the head with us?" Jaken asked, while Rin kept screaming. "Enough of that, Rin. Stop it." Sesshomaru said and she immediately stopped, then turned to him.

"Yes, milord!" She said, then they started following us. We stopped a good distance away and Sesshomaru turned to look at Rin and I. "Sakura, you and Rin stay here with Ah-Un. We will return shortly." He told us.

"Whatever./Yes, milord!" We told him, then him and Jaken walked away. "Lady Sakura?" I glanced down and smiled at Rin. "Yes?" I asked her.

"Do you like Lord Sesshomaru?" My face turned red after she asked that. "Well, I, uh... this stays between us, okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, milady!" She told me and I smiled. "Lady Sakura, this group is like a family, isn't it?" She asked me.

"I like to think it is." I told her. "Then does that make you my mama?" I froze at the question and looked at her.

"I can if you want me to be." I smiled and she nodded. "Now, let's start a fire." I told her.

"Okay, Mama!" She said and started to look for sticks. 'Mama, huh? I guess this makes her my daughter now. I like that idea.'

Once we found some, I lit the fire and we waited. "Mama, what does Lord Sesshomaru want with that demon head?" Rin asked me. "I'm not sure, we'll have to ask him when he gets back." I told her.

"If you're my mama, does that make Lord Sesshomaru my papa?" I blushed at the question. "I don't know really." I answered and Ah-Un nudged my head.

"Not you too!?" I said, knowing they were siding with Rin. I glanced up, hearing footsteps, and saw Sesshomaru with Jaken. "Well?" I asked him.

"The sword will be made in three days." He answered. "I see." I nodded. Soon three days passed and Sesshomaru sent Jaken to get the sword.

After a while, Sesshomaru went after him. "He's late, Papa." Rin sighed after a while, then I felt Sesshomaru's power. Soon, he, Jaken, and Ah-Un appeared, but I felt someone else nearby. Once she saw him, she stood and began running towards him.

"Papa!" She cheered and I realized Sesshomaru felt the other person too. "Rin, stay put." She froze immediately, then a woman revealed herself.

"So you're Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother. I'm Kagura the Wind Mistress. Just another incarnation of Naraku." She said. "An incarnation, meaning you were once apart of him." I said, then she noticed me.

"That's correct. The fangs that were used to make his new sword were from Goshinki, another incarnation. Can't you smell it the sword, Tokijin, is close. It's yours." She said, then removed a feather from her hair, then it grew and she flew away.

Sesshomaru glanced over his shoulder at Rin, who was still frozen. "Rin, you can move now." He told her and she looked at him, then smiled. "Yes, Papa!" She said, before stretching and she soon fell into the grass, while laughing, making me smile.

"Tokijin..." I heard Sesshomaru say. "Speaking of strange women." Jaken said, looking at Rin.

"Sakura, let's go." I nodded, then looked at Jaken. "Keep an eye on her, Jaken. If I find a scratch on her, I'll kill you." I said and he flinch.

We climbed on Ah-Un and flew off. "Use your eyes, Sakura." I nodded, then closed my eyes. "Byakugan!" I snapped my eyes opened and saw a faint amount of Inuyasha's demonic energy.

"Keep on this path. I can see his demonic energy." I told him, then the energy increased as we got closer. "He's down there and I can see another one. Totosai is there as well and there's another I don't recognize, but it's faint. That one's dead." I informed him and he removed one of the muzzles, then it shot lightning near the sword.

We jumped down and landed near the sword. "Sesshomaru! Sakura!" Inuyasha shouted.

"Lady Sakura is still alive!?" Miroku asked in shock. "Yes I am, and by the way..." I moved towards Inuyasha and punched his head. "Are you insane!?" I shouted.

"What're you doing here?" Inuyasha asked, ignoring me. "That's my line. We only came after this sword." Sesshomaru said and I moved towards it.

"I guess the demon you killed was so bitter it wanted revenge against you, even after it became a sword." I added. "W-What?!" Inuyasha asked.

"They know the Tokijin was made from the demon's fangs." Sango said. "Honestly, I can't believe you haven't figured it out yet. He had Kaijinbo make the sword, you idiots." I told them and Sesshomaru moved to pick it up.

"Sesshomaru, do not touch Tokijin. Even you will be possessed by its evil aura." Totosai said. "Just who do you think I am." Sesshomaru scoffed and picked it up.

We watched as the aura slowly went away. "What was that you were saying about him becoming possessed by the aura?" I asked them, then Sesshomaru looked at me. "What?" I asked him and he held it out towards me.

"Are you okay with it?" I asked. "Go ahead." He told me and I nodded, before starting to reach for it.

"Sakura, are you crazy!?" Inuyasha shouted. "You're a human, do not touch it!" Totosai ordered.

"It seems you do not comprehend how powerful she truly is." Sesshomaru said and I blushed, before taking the sword from him and making a copy. I handed him the original and stared at the copy. "Nothing's happening." I smirked at the shocked group.

"Draw your sword, Inuyasha. I want to verify something." Sesshomaru said, before glancing at me. "Whatever." I sighed and climbed on Ah-Un, before sealing the Tokijin into my scroll.

I chuckled noticing that Inuyasha couldn't swing the sword properly. "What's wrong, Inuyasha? Is it too heavy for you?" I teased.

"Shut up, Sakura." He growled and the fight continued. I was confused as to why Inuyasha would fight Sesshomaru without his sword, but ignored it. "Who cares if he doesn't have his sword?" I asked Inuyasha's group.

"Beat him, Sesshomaru!" I cheered and noticed the demon lord sent me a small smile. I felt something off about Inuyasha and noticed his eyes were turning red. "What the?" I whispered and he turned to me.

I flinched at the bloodlust in his eyes, then he suddenly lunged for me. Before I could create my shield, Sesshomaru stepped in front of me and prevented Inuyasha from hitting me. "Sesshomaru?" I gasped and I noticed he was glaring at Inuyasha.

I glanced at the others and realized Totosai was about to release fire again. "Sesshomaru, watch out!" I shouted and he moved as we were, then unable to see the others, but I put out the fire to see them gone. I heard Sesshomaru growl and moved towards him.

"Sesshomaru?" I asked, but he didn't look at me. "Hey! Sesshomaru!" I said and he glanced at me with a slight glare, but I wasn't scared, then I placed my hand on his cheek, making him freeze.

"It's okay. You got the sword and you've proven to be so much stronger with it. Let's go back to Rin." I whispered and he relaxed, before placing me on Ah-Un, then climbing on himself and we took off.

"What happened to him?" I asked, referring to Inuyasha. "I am unsure. Although, I know someone who might be able to give us an answer." I kept quiet after that and rested my head on his back.

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