Chapter 19

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I sat across from Ian his desk between us. Jason stood at his side and Sara was next to me. She was clutching my hand tightly in her small ones. Her tan skin had gotten paler sense I last saw her. Sara's dark curly hair was a mess and looked like it hadn't seen a shower I weeks.  I looked her over and realized it was my fault I had done that to her. Squeezing her hand she looked up at me her eyes full of emotion. She gave me a look and I read it easily "I'm glad your ok babe we need to talk but not now."
I just nodded at her and turned back to Ian. I refused to look at Jason fearing I might launch myself at him.

"Jason." Ian barked. 

"Yes Alpha." 

"You want to explain to me how exactly the Dark Alpha and his pack got into our lands twice in less that two months." Ian growled at him in a low voice barring his teeth at him. 

"I'm sorry Alpha. We had more patrols scheduled but due to the pack meeting everyone was there." 

"THAT IS NO EXCUSE!" Ian said standing up so fast his chair fell onto the floor. 

He charged over to Jason and slammed him up against the wall. 

"Because of you Evelyn was taken twice by the that bastard and hurt. You will pay for your stupidity." He growled. 

Sara cried out next to me but she was ignored. As much as I wanted to see his throat ripped out I couldn't let it happen yet. I stood and quickly made my way over to Ian. 

I placed my hand on his shoulder and saw that he was shaking with rage. He didn't look at me but I felt his body tighten his muscles flexing under my hand. He let out another snarl and tightened his grip on Jason. 

"Ian let him go." I said in a soft voice as I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his back. 

I felt his muscles lossen at my touch. He let out a final growl and threw Jason to the floor. Sara quickly ran over to him. It took everything I had not to rush over and pull her away from him. Far, far, away. 

Ian turned me in his arms and wrapped me in his arms. I groaned internally. The only arms I wanted to be in was Azreals. I let out a sigh at that and curled into him pretending for a moment that it was Azreal. But the moment was quickly over. 

I turned to look at Sara and saw that she had helped Jason off the floor and was checking him over for any injures. She turned and glared daggers at Ian. The tension in the room  was tangible. 

"Hey Sara why don't we go upstairs and just have a girls night and relax." 

She looked at me and just nodded. I let out a breath and turned to Ian. I leaned up and pecked him on the cheek and walked over to Sara. I linked arms with her and pulled her with me out of the room. Leaving the idiots to themselves. Part of me honestly wished that Ian would rip Jason apart but I knew it wasn't time yet. As I lead Sara up to my room and I went over phase one of our plan in my head. I had to get Sara to believe me about Jason or the entire plan will go to shit. 

"No pressure there at all" I muttered to myself. 


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