She is sheltered by her family. She is the youngest in a brood of five and was treated as the baby girl of the family. She was showered by her parents with all the love and protection a Princess needed. She is a daddy's girl and such a baby around her family. The protection given to her is something she always cherish but when she reached   the young adult age of 22 she started asking for a little freedom. Her parents allowed her to party and expierience love but with their protective guidance still. Although she is allowed to date and "maligawan' her parents made sure that they set the rules. Rule 1: Huwag magpaligaw sa labas dapat umakyat sa Bahay Rule 2: Huwag sasakay sa Kotse ng Boyfriend/Manliligaw magisa Rule 3: Huwag pupunta at papasok sa bahay ng boyfriend/manliligaw unless may occassion Rule 4: Huwag papasok ang boyfriend/manliligaw sa kuwarto mo pag dumalaw siya sa Bahay etc etc Sarah is okay with all the rules set by her parents until on her 4th year in college she met and fall inlove with a man who is living life in different spectrum. How would she deal with this kind of situation? How would deal with a man who treats life and love liberally. Is she ready for this kind of man? Is she ready to fight for him considering her parents standards and beliefs? Would she brave up or walk away? 

Gerald is a young professional who is living his life and living the world. He was brought up in a typical middle class family, although he has everything in life, his family is not that close. As the oldest in the family and his father working outside the country he learned at an early age to be independent.  Being Independent and all, he learned the world early on. He is living his life to the fullest. He is used to playing and partying around. In short he is living a liberal life and its glory. Until, he met a special girl who intrigues and who amazes him. Would he be ready to deal with a girl who can't deal with his glory days? Is he willing to stop fooling around and start to deal with relationships seriously? Is his love for her enough to change his ways and be the responsible, mature man he can be? Or will he choose to be the man of the world he is and walkout from the one special girl who taught him love?

Ps. Fictional story but my characters are still Sasa and Gege although this might be a different story as it deals with more heavier life issues we experienced in the real world. 

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