Facts 101

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1. Shawn said that sometimes he wakes up and feels as if he has to write a hit song or he will lose it all.

2. Shawn said that when he was in high school, he sucked at being both a musician and student but his teachers were understanding.

3. Once, Shawn worked at Bath and Body Works for one day. He said that 42 people worked at it and he was the only guy.

4. Shawn said that Aaliyah doesn't really listen to his music. The only song she likes by him is Mercy. Aaliyah's response to when Shawn played There's Nothing Holding Me Back to her was, "Yeah, it' fine. It's okay." Shawn was disappointed when she said that and he wishes she would listen to his music more.

5. Shawn's favorite word is, cozy.

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