Ending 3 Tommy

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It’s been a few weeks since the team found out and Tommy has been with me every step of the way. He’s been so sweet. He comes over and plays with Matthew after I help him with his homework. Last weekend we went to the community pool. It was Matthew first time. It was so cute. He paddled like if I let go of him he would actually swim. Tommy was on land taking pictures of Matt and me. I put Matt in one of those inflatable baby tube with his little hat falling on his face. Matt let out a happy scream. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Tommy are you going to get in or take picture all day?” I said a little annoyed.

“Fine.” he put the camera in the dipper bag and got in.

“I think the water is getting his mind off the pain of the teeth.” Matt started getting is teeth last week and he’s been in so much pain that my heart feels like breaking. My mom bought some numbing cream for Matt and that’s been working and the frozen chew toy.

“Did you bring the chew toy?”

“Ya but I don’t think its frozen anymore.”

“But he will have something to chew on.” people walking by were giving us disgusting  looks. I was feeling a little self concusses. I guess Tommy knew because he pulled me into his arms and whispered into my ear.

“Ignore them. Your a smart, confident, beautiful mommy of a very handsome boy.” my heart was soaring. Tommy loves me even though I have a baby and the baby daddy was his best friend. I turned around and looked into though beautiful caring eyes of his.

“Thank you.” I whispered. He leaned forward I met him half way. His lips were soft and gentle. Matthew let out a happy scream and we both laughed.

“I think he’s happy I finally had the nerve to do that.” I giggled.

“So am I.” I gave him another kiss.

“Go out with me.” he said in a rush.

“What about Matthew?”

“Your mom, my mom, Joy or even Chance can watch him. Just you and me.”

“Okay when?”

“How about Friday?”


It’s Friday and I’m in my closet freaking out. Tommy won’t tell me where we are going so I have no idea what to wear.

“You know he will be here really soon. He kind of lives next door.” My mom said sarcastically.

“I would know what to wear if he would tell me what to wear!” 

“Don’t worry you aren’t going anywhere fancy. Wear some jeans and that cute black tube top with the white bow on it.”

“You know where he’s taking me?”

“Of course. He had to ask my permission before I would let him take you anywhere.”

“Mom! Where am I going.”

“That’s a secret.” she smiled. I was getting angry that my mom wasn’t telling me where I was going. I decided to take her advice and where some low rider jeans and the tube top with some black converse. I put on some light make up and let my hair down. I heard the door bell ring and my heart started racing. You can do this! I told my self. I shoved my phone in my back pocket. I walked down the stairs and found Tommy holding Matthew in the living room. He was wearing some jeans with a nice t-shirt that fit him well and that showed his muscles. 

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