9. The Grassland Tales!

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I was in the green..

lying on cloud of grass clean..

Grass slits were high..

my spirits were almost dried..

I was sure no one was there..

except only myself..

And.. i decided to play..

to set oneself free..

It was all cool & enjoyable..


I whispered loud my desires to flee..

That was the worst..

i did to me..

I whispered those words..

and to my surprise..

they came back with lil' changes..i see..

They said..

'I love you too..'

I turned around & found no one to see..

I tried to whisper one more time..

to figure out the reality..


Before i could see..

Found him standing close to me..

I neither knew him..

nor noticed him so far..


the colour of his eyes was..

much char-coal & tar..

Due to the puzzled looking face of mine..

He told me..

I was always there..

you just never noticed it.. But it's fine..

And.. am in love with you..

since you're in love with these..

peaceful grasslands of mine..!


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