Chapter 1

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I stalked the corridors out of boredom thinking how it had been a bit of a let down that after so many people trying to break in I had found it so easy to get into Shield. I felt like getting into trouble so decided to set of an alarm. As soon as it started blaring the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz appeared in front of me. He tried to look amazing but I was not impressed. I guessed this was one of The Avengers.
"So what do we have here?" He asked. I stared into his eyes with my green ones as I undid my ponytail letting my black hair fall back down to my mid back.
"What time will the lion & the scarecrow be here?"
"What do you mean?"
"Wow. You are Oz united. No brain, heart or courage. Pathetic mortal." I scoffed.
"Who are you?"
"Not important. You are?"
"Why would I tell you who I am?" I look deeper into his eyes. He suddenly gives his name.
"Nice to meet you Mr Stark. Now back to your original cocky question. What we have here is someone who has broken into Shield got bored and purposefully set off an alarm. Now, take me to the daddy of the Avengers' iniative."

On the way to wherever we were going realization seemed to hit poor naive Tony.
"You know who you look like?" Here it came...
"Loki." We said together though only I went on.
"The God of lies and mischief, adoptive son of Odin? Yes, I am aware of that you pathetic mortal."
We arrived in some sort of meeting room. Everyone turned to look as me and Tony entered. A red head came up to Tony.
"This is who set off the alarm?"
"More pathetic mortals really?"
"She sounds like Loki." A blonde man pointed out.
"And looks like him." Clint Barton added. Then in walked somebody I had no desire to see...

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