Chapter 7️⃣

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Well, well it's time to get some answers Elijah Hayden. Did you seriously think that you can break into my house and escape without answering my questions? No chance.

Alyssa's P.O.V
I tied my hair into a ponytail and changed into black ripped skinny jeans, a blue top that says 'ICE CREAM IS CHEAPER THAN THERAPY' and a black high topped converse. (Pic below)

Grabbing my iPhone, gun, bike keys, some bubble gum and cash I jogged out of my house over to my bike and got on

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Grabbing my iPhone, gun, bike keys, some bubble gum and cash I jogged out of my house over to my bike and got on.  (Alyssa's bike's pic on top ^)

Pulling my helmet over my head, I roared my baby to life and sped out of the mansion when the guards opened the gates.


Stoping in front of My favorite cafe I got off my bike, took off my helmet and hanged it on the bikes mirror

Taking a bubble gum and chewing it, I stepped inside Cafe' Bliss and scanned the room. I smirked as I saw familiar black hair with brown tips and beautiful brown eyes sitting in the far right corner of the cafe.

Walking up to the counter, I gave a fake smile and said "Hi."

The guy at the counter looked around the same age as me. "Hey sweet cheeks, what would you like?" He said referring to himself.

"Yeah, I would like you......" I said.

The guy gave a wide grin which I may say was creepy and said "Well my shift ends in-"
I sneezed really loudly and rubbed my nose interrupting his sentence.

The guy cringed and said "Are you sick? You could come over to my place some other time?" The guy offered.

"Nah I ain't sick." I sneezed again.

"But you keep sneezi-" I sneezed again interrupting his sentence.

"I know. It's just that *sneeze* I am allergic to *sneeze* bull crap *sneeze*." I frowned.

"Bull crap?" The guy said looking utterly confused.

"Yeah, bull crap A.K.A the loc ness monster standing in front of me." I gave him a sweet smile before pointing my index finger at him.

"What the hell did you say you little bi-!" The guy started yelling but I cut him off again with another one of my Oscar winning sneezes but this time I sneezed in his face.

"Oops! Sorry told ya I was allergic to bull crap." I gave a air pat on his head before blowing the imaginary dust from my palm. "By the way remember when you had asked me 'Hey sweet cheeks what would you like' you did not let me complete my sentence."I told the counter guy with a fake smile plastered on my face.

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