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Alaina's POV

I was just leaving the hospital.

I am getting the twins ready for the trip home.

''The twins ready?''  Cole asked me with a small smile.

''Yes they are.'' I said moving out of the way.

''Look at them they look so cute.'' Cole cooed at the twins.

Jazz giggled and clapped her hands at Cole while Jay just slept.

''He is just like his mother sleeping all the time.'' He laughed before kissing me.

We walked out of the hospital to the whole line of SUV'S.

I got in the back with the twins beside me.

Cole and Luna are sitting up front of the car.

We began to drive down the rode Cole keeping eyes on the twins which is really weird.

''Cole the twins are fine.'' I said looking at the sleeping twins.

''I know I just they are so cute.''  Cole smiled at me.

I put a blanket over the kids so the sun wouldn't bother them.

He looked at the back window and then looked at Luna.

''Call Jane tell her to bring back up there following us.'' He whispered to her.

''Hello Jane we got a code 9 we need back up right away.''

Cole looked at my worried face.

''Its okay my love we will be okay.'' He grabbed my hand.

''Its bosses orders.'' Luna growled in the phone.

''Tell her its a code 12.'' He growled back at her.

''Boss said code 12 get here now!'' She screamed into the phone.

I heard choppers over the car.

''Good they are here.'' Luna said.

''Luna that's not them.'' Cole growled as he sticks his head out the window.

Cole grabbed his pistol out of the glove department and sat on the window and began to shoot.

''Luna drive faster!'' Cole yelled at her.

She began to pick up the speed and Cole began to shoot again.

''Luna  what is going on?'' I looked at her with worry.

''We are being followed Alaina.'' She spoke.

''B-by who?'' I said with a little stutter.

''DeGarsa's Alaina we will be okay.'' She said with a small smile.

''Shit we lost one.'' Cole said.

''What does that mean boss?'' Luna asked.

''Means they took out one of our cars.'' He growled.

I heard a loud crash and looked behind me to see one of our cars tipped over.

''Cole are we going to be okay?'' I asked him.

''Alaina not now.'' He growled.

I looked at the kids and smiled.

I rolled down the twins window and moved them over buckling them back in so they wont fly out of the car if we crashed.

I grabbed a pistol and stuck my head out the window.

Breath Alaina.

Its protecting your family.

I sat on the window like Cole was and began to shoot at the choppers.

''Alaina get back in the fucking car!'' He screamed at me.

''NO!'' I yelled at him and kept shooting.

The chopper came down and crashed into one of there own cars and I smiled at Cole.

''Good job beautiful.'' He cooed then went back to shooting at the cars.

I did the same.

''Alaina please come back in the babies are crying!'' Luna yelled out of her window.


''COLE!'' I yelled as he jumped out of the window.

I looked back and saw Cole running to the our cars.

''Luna we have to go back and save him.'' I begged her.

''Alaina bosses orders I cant.'' She said speeding up.

We pulled into the drive way and we ran inside with the kids.

''LUNA WE HAVE TO GO GET THEM!'' I yelled at her.

A car pulled up and the other two girls got out.

''Alaina are you okay are the babies okay?'' They asked checking me for any wounds.

''I WANT MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND!'' I yelled at them.

''He told us to go he was going to get the guys.'' Mary said with a sigh.

I sat down and looked at Jazz and Jay.

''Dad will be here soon my loves don't worry.'' I sighed and held them.

I saw a black SUV pull up and I got excited.

I looked at the girls who were watching tv.

The door busted open and I heard Luna scream.

I couldn't believe who it is.

It is....

Hey guys sooo sorry I haven't updated very busy with family drama I hope this makes up for it I love you all so much have a wonderful day/ night!

~Cali Marie

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