Chapter 5: You're so Supersonic

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The next morning, I was stiff and sore. I slowly sat up, my muscles protesting, and grumpily rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Why was I so sore and tired? Was I forgetting something? Oh well, I'll remember sooner or later. I wasn't awake enough to really care. I needed coffee.

I roll out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. My apartment is small. Like, walk in closet sized small. There's only a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchenette, just enough for me to get by but not enough for me to really want to have more than a couple of friends over at a time. It's not messy but it's cluttered. Every inch is crammed with books, CD's, posters, and clothes. The clutter made it hard for me to navigate pre-caffeine and I ended up with stubbing my toes a few times.

I finally managed to stumbled into the kitchen and reached for the coffee maker. The liquid inside it was still warm. I sloppily poured a cup and gulped it down. After half a cup, I was feeling more human. I went to the living room and sat down on the couch next to Kris. He was completely absorbed in the news and didn't even acknowledge me. The newscaster rambled on about another boy band member who had gotten caught up in a sex scandal. Strange. I didn't think he'd be the type to care about that sort of thing.

Wait a minute.

What's Kris doing here?

Coffee dribbled down my chin and I made a strangled noise of surprise. Kris looked at me in alarm and I quickly wiped my chin. A blush rose to my cheeks.

"What was that?" He asked, eyes still wide.

"I-I forgot you were here." I mumbled.

"Really? You're sitting next to me. You're even drinking the coffee I made."

"I hadn't really woken up yet..." I covered my face with my hands. God, how embarrassing.

He looked at me in disbelief for a moment before taking a sip of his own coffee. "You're unbelievable."

I gave him a look before turning my attention to the TV. The newscaster had moved onto the next story but my focus wasn't on it. Now that I was awake, I could remember yesterday. Everything was a terrifying blur of frantic thoughts, struggling, and the strangely comforting presence of Kris. Although, now that I think about it, one seemed impossible and out of place. When I was shoved into the van, Kris had somehow gotten on the roof of the van, left indents on it, and broken the window to get me out. How on earth had he done that?

"Um..." He had turned his attention back to the TV, intently watching a report about UFO's. When I spoke, he glanced at me to let me know that he was listening before looking back at the news. "Thank you so much for... Yesterday. And thanks for spending the night. Knowing you were here was a great comfort. I'm sorry for all the trouble I put you through." I bowed slightly.

"Are you stupid?" His harsh tone made me jump. Why was he upset? Had I said something wrong? "You were attacked and you're worried about troubling me?"


"Worry about yourself more." He asked at me and turned back to the TV. We sat on the couch in silence, interrupted only by the news reports and the occasional sips of coffee. I glanced over every once in a while as I thought about what he said. Kris seemed had told me to worry about myself but it was obvious that he wasn’t following his own advice. Through out the entirety of last night, he had been worrying only about me. He offered to walk me home, took care of me when I could have been okay by myself, and just in general been very supportive through the whole ordeal. When the news was over, he turned off the TV and turned to me.

"Do you have work today?" He asked.

"Yeah, ten to three." I quickly checked the time, suddenly afraid that I was running late. To my surprise it was eight thirty. I almost never woke up this early.

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