Faith's POV ( Keeno.....)

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It was dark. Am I just hallucinating or, did I really saw him? But how? Why?

This narrow passageway… Damn! I have to find him. No matter what, I have to…

Tears burst out of my eyes. This is insane! I don’t even know if he is really him or not! But… there’s something in my heart that tells me that maybe…maybe...Keeno is alive…

No! There’s no way he is alive! He can’t be that damned immortal!

“Keeno!” I threw my necklace in the air and as it always have been, it transformed into my STORM.

I run faster… trying to find his shadow, never thinking about where I am or what danger will I face. I just want to see him. I remembered the way he looked at me...those blank crimson eyes...the features of his face. No doubt. He resembles him.

But, I need to find out the truth…If he really is him… why?

 “Why!” Tears flowed again.

My hands trembled as if I would crush whatever I am holding right now. Pain, hurt, happiness, sadness, longing, madness, fear… It seems like my heart will break into million pieces. Different emotions, waiting to destroy one another…

Now, I found the end of this passageway. I saw the light and I turned to find him. Anticipation filled my entire body…

 He stopped, feeling my presence. He was there! Again, my heart quivered and my heart started to pound even faster. This is what I’ve been waiting for!

How? Why?

“Keeno…” I whispered to myself.

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