Vampire's Baby Wolf

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Nicholas was the Vampire Prince, next in line for the throne. He was cruel and unforgiving to enemies but was kind-hearted to people who deserved it. He was alive for centuries but spent all that time alone and wishing for someone to love. That was until he found himself with a little bundle of pure innocence in the form of a werewolf mate called Amara.

After spending many years apart, Amara grew up into a beautiful yet naive young woman, unaware of the revolution forming in the kingdom and the truth about her parents' death. With the feud between vampires and werewolves, she is forced to hide who she truly is from fear.

Amara has always felt different, like there was a part of her missing but when her prince comes back, only then, does she feel complete.

= E X T R A C T =

He looked at her with an expression that held many unspoken words and emotions. It took her breath away. Never did she imagine that the love described in fairy tales were real until she met him. He had the bravery of a knight and was as honourable as the prince in his name, but she was astonished by his benevolent nature and compassionate heart that he shared with the people of the kingdom. She always asked herself how he could look at her the way he did.

After all, she was a mere peasant yet he looked at her like she was a queen.

= N O T E =

I say this every time but don't expect fancy writing and especially, don't expect accurate history facts. I'm still learning just about everything.

I am writing this for fun and for myself so there isn't an upload schedule. It will be random and most likely slow.

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