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Chapter 1.

         "Chloe!" My mother shouted up the stairs whilst I was putting on my uniform. I stood infront of the mirror and gazed at my new and improved self. My white collared shirt fit my petite body and tucked into the black trousers which clad my legs covered.

I looked the part.

"Coming!" I shouted back down the stairs. My younger brothers and sisters ran across the house in daily routine as they chased each other from corner to corner. I greeted them all good morning as they all excitedly commented on my uniform.

As soon as I was downstairs, my mother pounced on me and hugged me tightly. My family were my everything, they supported me in everything I did, protected me and kept me sane. It was clear to see I had a fun filled childhood with so much love.

"Chloe." My mother started to tear up.

"Mom." I groaned but I couldn't help but smile. "I'm nearly twenty four."

"I know, I know." She sniffed. "I'm just so proud, that's all." I rolled my eyes but I hugged her back tightly.

"Thanks, mom." I breathed. My house was always so over whelming with love and pride but I believed that's what a family was made for.

"Don't let them criminals make a fool out of you." She let go of my body and started to fuss with the collar of my shirt. "You're tough and you're brave, even when you're only five foot two." She giggled slightly and I joined in with her. I was a very small and petite woman but I was fiery and I was tough.

"I won't." I stated. I was going to be working with the most dangerous men and women in the world. Of course, I was petrified to a certain extent but I was mostly excited. This job meant I could get my hands stuck in to the welfare and security of the prisoners.

Just as my mother was about to speak, a horn sounded out which was loud enough for us all to hear. My mother smiled my way and hugged me tightly again.

"Good luck." She wished as I walked to the door. My cab was waiting outside patiently and that's when my heart started to rocket.

This was my first full time job and all of my education before hand had led up to this. I was definitely going to be nervous. I wanted to do well and to make a good impression. It was always hard to get a job like this as a woman but I was determined to prove that anyone could do what they wanted to do, because they were born to do it, not because they were physically made a certain way.

"I'll see you all in a few weeks." I said.

I entered the cab and said good bye to my family. Being almost two hours away from my family home in Green Town Jail meant that I had to live closer to work.

With my suitcases in tow, I was on my way to Green Town where my life would change for the better and for the worst.

I was going to miss my family a lot but starting a new chapter in life overpowered any other feeling I had. I was becoming a new and improved version of myself and was wearing it all with confidence.

The cab driver didn't speak a word as we got on to the road. In fact, he didn't speak the whole way there.

The palm trees that entered my view from the taxi window almost two hours later made me feel a sense of tranquility and serenity. The weather was already humid and I had to open a window wide to get some air in to the vehicle.

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