(RWBY)Cinder x Wolf Funus! Reader x Wolf Faunus! Ruby

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This story was requested by EddieLeeTodd. Eddie requested that the story is in Modern AU which means no fighting. I will mention the Grimm, but since I'm not having any fighting the Grimm will be know as the the "druggies", "the bad kids", or "sexual offenders". If you arent comfortable with this I suggest that you skip this charter. Hope you enjoy.

*Your P.O.V.*
           I ran down the hall with tears clouding my vision. My (h/c) wolf ears were pinned to my head. I had just been humiliated in front of the whole school. My crush was there too... I've liked her for so long.. now she knows, along with the whole school. My second best friend, Emerald, found my diary and thought it would be funny to tell the whole school. I ran all the way to the dorm room I shared with Emerald, Neo, and Cinder.
          Cinder is my true best friend. Thankfully, when I got to the room Cinder was the only one there. I closed the door and locked it. Then, I ran to Cinder, who was laying on her bed reading a book and I hugged her tight, letting my tears flow, feeling comfortable in her arms. She didn't question why I was crying and just hugged me back, setting her book down. She shushed me calmly and quietly.
          I felt safe in her arms. I was 5'4" so I was about 7 inches shorter than her. When I finally calmed down and stopped crying, I looked up at Cinder. She smiled at me looking perfect in my eyes. With her amber eyes and black hair, the smile just completed it. I blushed slightly burying my face in the crook of her neck.
         She giggled slightly before her calming voice spoke up,"What happened, Sweetheart?," I smiled at how she called me sweetheart, butterflies dancing in my stomach.
         I answered her," Emerald she..," I began to choke on my words as I felt tears threaten to fall, so I let them, beginning to cry again," She found my diary and read it to the whole school. They all laughed at me..". She tensed up and I knew she was angry. Whenever someone made me cry and I would tell Cinder, the person who made me cry ended up missing the next day.
        Even though at the moment I'm mad at Emerald, she was still one of my best friends. I leaned back up so I was face to face with Cinder. Her amber eyes were blazing with hatred. I placed my hands on her warm cheeks which made her loosen up and her eyes softened. I laid back down on her whispering," As long as I'm with you I'm ok. Emerald didn't know it would turn out like this. Give it a few days to calm down. Thank you for caring so much, though, Cinder".
        I could tell Cinder was about to say something, but then loud knocking came from the door. I forgot that I locked it. I was about to get up when Cinder stopped me," I'll get it". I smiled at her, thanking her, rolled off of her and covered myself with her blanket as she answered the door.
       The person at the door spoke," Cinder I'm so so-sorry". I looked up to see Cinder giving her signature death stare at Emerald. I shifted in Cinder's bed so she would look at me and immediately her eyes softened  and she looked back at Emerald before coming and sitting next to me. Emerald walked in closing the door behind her," I'm sorry (y/n). I didn't read your diary before hand. I didn't know what you put in it. I didn't know you had a crush on Ruby".
       I was beginning to get mad at Emerald again and could feel tears threaten to spill once again. I looked at Cinder and the hurt in her eyes made it worse, so I got up and was about to leave when Cinder grabbed my hand. Tears were streaming down her face... I was making her cry and was making myself sick. I yanked my hand free and ran out of the room. I ran into someone on my way out, but kept running until I reached the one place I was told never to go... I went to the Grimm.
*Ruby's P.O.V.*
           When Emerald read (y/n)'s diary I was surprised when she said (y/n) had a crush on me. Yang made fun of me for how Red my face was. My brown wolf ears were pinned against my head. Just as I was about to confront (y/n), I saw her run away in tears and Emerald ran after her. I wanted to give them some time so I walked in the direction they went knowing (y/n) was heading to her room.
           It didn't take me long to get there. I was just down the hall from her room, when someone ran into me. I fell back and landed hard on the floor. Whoever ran into me didn't stop. When I looked to see who it was I saw (y/n) running away once again in tears.
           I was about to run after her when I heard Cinder yell," (Y/n)! Wai-". She stopped when she saw me. She had tears streaming down her face as well and behind her I saw Emerald sneak away.
*Time Skip(so the chapter isn't too long)*
           Cinder confessed to me about how she had a crush on (y/n). She wanted to tell her, but couldn't get enough courage. I told her how I liked (y/n) also and we decided that we both wanted to date her. So we are going to date her and each other. It's a little weird, but neither of us care about that, we only care about (y/n). We just need to make sure it's ok with (y/n).
           That's what we are doing right now, we are looking for her. We've searched most of the school. Now we are rushing to find her. The only other place she could be is the back of the school... that's where the Grimm are. We were both running to the back of the school hoping that we wouldn't find (y/n) there. Cinder got to the door first, pushing it open and jumping to the bottom of the stairs... (y/n) was there.
           She was being forced into a corner by 5 guys while the others were laughing. The moment they saw Cinder they all ran away. I guess they have dealt with her in the past.
           We both ran to (y/n) hugging her tightly," Don't scare us like that again," I said tears flowing from my eyes. I could tell Cinder was crying also, yet (y/n) was still. She pulled away and fell to her knees. This is when we noticed her ear. It had been torn. Cinder looked at me and I nodded and we leaned down and kissed her cheeks.
           We laughed when she blushed, she was about to speak, but Cinder stopped her," We know what you're going to say and we have a solution to it".
           I took over," We both want to date you. So we are," Cinder and I spoke at the same time," Will you be our girlfriend?" (Y/n) was crying so hard all she could do was nod. Cinder and I hugged her tightly once more and the three of us headed back to a vacant dorm room and stay there for the rest of the night.

Sorry if this chapter was a bit long. Hope it was at least ok. And also please check out the prologue because I will be updating it with new anime and some other things. Thank you for all the comments and the requests. I love doing this for you guys.

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