I. Arrow's Last Battlefield

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"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."

Alexander the Great

The smell of the Battlefield could make a person cringe or throw up in disgust but the warriors that took the battle in it barely blinked at the sight of it. They've done what it is needed to be done on the battlefield. the Westernian people charged with large muscular men while the Easternian people had small Men and Women that are skilled in every art was quick on their feet, they might be small but it doesn't mean that they should be underestimated, they were as strong as any person could be. The Westernian people were surprised by the gallantry of their women. Their fierce eyes and womanly body. 

the countless groans, the countless deaths, and the countless strikes of the people that killed murdered and massacred had one mission and it was to win. But soon the battle turned in to a do or die mission. If they don't kill they might as well die in the same way. 

Arrow watched from afar to see that her people got the upper hand. she had her bow on hand and an arrow ready. trying to see if anyone tried to escape the field, she was watching those who are trying to run away in their territory. There were other warriors hiding in the bushes waiting for the time to attack and when Arrow plucked her bow. The arrow shoots through the sky, glowing with the light because of the glass that was attached to its end, the signal was made. 

The warriors came out of nowhere. Cornering the Westernian losing the battle. Arrow watched as she jumps down a tree and finally the last soldier was killed, the general dead and their power strengthens. Arrow shows herself from the protection of the forest and cheered with her people. She raised her bow and cheered with the others, her leather outfit had been made for an archer's advantage making it short and light. Showing her stomach but also long sleeved to protect her arms.

They carried their dead, set to go home, and also helped the wounded. Arrow takes her own pack and returned to the castle, where her father is waiting for her arrival. They hurried home, carrying the victory that they have always wanted. A win against the Westernians and soon after this they have no choice but to do peace with them. After countless of battles on the warfront, it is time to stop this.

It is only a day journey and it passed quickly. Arrow was in front of the return home and the men laughed at her. Laughed at her eagerness for home. laughed at the prospects of a princess who marched with them. Not knowing she has a plan in store that would finally stop the hundred year war her country was in. Arrow runs to her home not minding them then the sight of her kingdom was there. Just a few miles from where she stood. her home was blatantly there. She runs even faster down the hill and straight to the gates where the people already greeted her. 

She smiles and waves at the people then the bell rings ringing in every corner of their kingdom and they looked up to see Arrows father on the spacious veranda looking down on the people.

"We have won!" Rochester shouts. 

Everyone cheered and Arrow made way to the castle, to her beloved father. She passed by other citizens that she greeted along the way and when she made it in the open castle that anyone can come to for shelter and food. she passed by the patrons of a bar but heed no mind of their slurs and comments. She found a new way to get to the top floor. Like clockwork, the chain that was used to pull the stone to open the damn for their watering system was beside the window of her room on the 10th floor. she grabs hold of it as she went up. She waited until her small bedroom window was a few feet away from her and jumped to it. she hoists herself up the ledge and fit perfectly. She landed on the carpeted stone floor. 

"As Always Arrow you are as reckless and naïve as ever" a voice from a man, hair tousled and black, his eyes cerulean Blue that pierced through Arrow's black ones. He was a foot taller than Arrow. When she stands up from the carpet she had to crane her neck to look at him. His muscled arm crossed across his chest as he looks down on Arrow. He was attractive with a straight nose and high cheek bones. he looked like a girl but there was still a hidden masculinity in his look. He was wearing his uniform, and his tall and lanky figure with some muscle on his body fit it perfectly, a broad sword tuck on his side. 

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