Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces/Go Back to Your Own Time, Kagome!

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With Jaken and Sesshomaru

Jaken steps out of the tall grass after Sesshomaru killed the tribe. "Well done! You are the one and only Lord Sesshomaru! Slaying that blue demon and taking his arm was a splendid idea!" He said laughing.

"Are you blind?" Sesshomaru asked, clenching the left fist, before removing the arm and throwing it at Jaken. "This is already useless!"

"Oh... gone bad again?" He asked and the arm flexes, before grabbing Jaken. "Find a demon with a more suitable arm. Or else... I'll kill you!" Sesshomaru ordered, before he caught Sakura's scent, while ignoring Jaken's struggling with the arm, before he kicked it away and it disintegrated.

"She's returned." He muttered, getting Jaken's attention as they watched Sakura run towards them, wielding Suzumebachi to increase her speed.

Sakura's POV

"Sesshomaru! Jaken!" I called, before stopping in front of the demon lord. "You're back early." Jaken told me.

"My time is so boring." I told him, before noticing the disintegrated arm. "Another bad one? That's disappointing." I said, crossing my arms.

"Jaken was just leaving to find a stronger demon." Sesshomaru said, while walking away, and I followed him. "Even if you find another arm, it will become useless after a while." I told him.

"You seem troubled." I gasped along with Jaken as he hid behind Sesshomaru, while we looked at the man wearing a baboon suit. "Pardon me, but are you Inuyasha's elder brother, Sesshomaru?" He asked.

"Who are you?" I asked him and he seemed to finally notice me. "Like you, I despise Inuyasha. It was rude of me, but I overheard you talking." He held out a left arm of a human. "May I suggest that you use this arm?" He asked and I saw a faint glow at the top of the arm.

"Don't jest!" Jaken shouted, stepping out from behind Sesshomaru. "That's a human arm!"

"Where did you get that shard?" I asked. "So you can see it?" He asked and I frowned.

"Sakura." I looked at Sesshomaru and knew he wanted me to be quiet. "This arm will empower you to wield the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha's fabled sword. The Tetsusaiga is known as the protector of humans. Presently, a demon like you cannot touch the Tetsusaiga." The man said.

"You mentioned you hate Inuyasha. Do you intend to use me to kill Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked. "Exactly." The man answered.

"How dare you...!?" Jaken shouted. "Interesting." I looked at Sesshomaru in shock.

"I'll take the arm." I gasped at this. "Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken shouted.

"One more thing." He held up a round hive. "This hive. I'm sure it'll come in handy." Sesshomaru took the hive and passed it to me.

"Tell me your name." He said. "It is Naraku." The man answered.

"Naraku? I shall remember that." Naraku left and Sesshomaru attached the arm to himself, before testing it out. "I'm not sure if we can trust him, Sesshomaru. There was something off about him." I told the demon lord.

"Let's go." I sighed and followed him. We arrived at the village he said Inuyasha was at, while we were riding on the giant demon's shoulder. "Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha shouted, before Sesshomaru raised his poison claw and hit the ground, releasing miasma.

"Slow as usual, huh, Inuyasha?" I teased and he glared at me. "Damn you, Sakura!" I chuckled at his reaction. "Sesshomaru, whaddya want?!" He asked.

"Don't ask me stupid questions. I'm here for the Tetsusaiga!" Sesshomaru answered. "You still haven't given up!?" Inuyasha shouted and I rolled my eyes.

"Are they acquaintances?" I glanced at the man who spoke, who appeared to be a monk. "That's Inuyasha's older brother and my adoptive older sister." Kagome answered.

"Brother? Sister?" He asked. "Unlike half-demon Inuyasha, this one's a full-fledged one." She told him.

"Sakura, stand aside. You are not needed at the moment." Sesshomaru told me. "Whatever." I said, then jumped off the giant's shoulder.

As I glanced back at the fight, two hands suddenly grabbed one of mine and I turned to see the monk. "Miroku, what are you doing!?" Inuyasha shouted. "I know we've only just met, milady, but would you do me the honor of bearing my children?" He asked and I noticed Sesshomaru was watching after he asked.

"And I would do that why?" I asked. "If I should die, before I complete my mission, I wish for my son to carry out the mission." He answered and I suddenly felt a murderous aura near us, then I turned to Sesshomaru only to see his eyes were red.

"I see." I sent energy into my hand and squeezed his hand tightly, before punching him towards Kagome and the small fox. "You pervert, apologize right now!" I ordered.

"Please forgive me." He muttered and I crossed my arms, before turning to the fight and I smiled, seeing Sesshomaru had Tetsusaiga. Demons started coming closer and the demon lord killed them with one swing. "Wind tunnel!" I glanced over my shoulder, then I was starting to be sucked towards the monk.

I noticed the swarm from the hive Naraku gave us was being pulled towards him as well. I screamed once I was lifted from the ground, but the wind stopped, making me land on the monk. "Aww! That hur...." My eyed widened and my face turned red, feeling something stroke my butt and I saw the monk's hand.

I punched him, before rushing behind Sesshomaru. "Kill the monk! Please!" I begged and he seemed to send the monk a glare.

I glanced at the monk and noticed he wasn't getting up, making me frown, before I remembered Naraku saying the insects were poisonous. "Sakura, stand aside." I nodded and moved back to where I was, before noticing Kagome was gone, while the young fox was trying to help the monk.

I walked over and kneeled beside the monk. "I'll help you, but never touch me again." I told him, before bringing out a bottle of green water along with a few bowls. I made a small incision in his arm with the black hole, then made the water enter, before pulling it out, making him scream in pain. I continued until there was barely any poison left and I saw Kagome shoot an arrow at the Tetsusaiga, cancelling its transformation.

"Sesshomaru! The next one's aimed at your heart!" She shouted and I stood, then rushed to Sesshomaru as she released the arrow, before I created my orange triangular shield. "S-Saki-nee!?" She asked surprised that I stopped her.

"Enough, Kagome! You'll only get hurt if you continue this!" I ordered, before moving away. The fight continued, then I noticed an attack was aimed in my direction. I tried to create my shield, but was too late and it hit me, making me scream from the pain.

No One's POV

Sesshomaru froze hearing Sakura's screams of pain and quickly turned to where she was standing to find her unconscious on the ground with an orange barrier around her, healing her wounds. 'She's still alive.' His beast said and the demon lord felt relieved, then he looked at the arm, before going towards Sakura and picking her up.

"Let's go, Jaken, as I can no longer wield Tetsusaiga we no longer have to be here. Sakura also needs to recover." Jaken grabbed his mokomoko and he took off, then removed the arm, making the poisonous insects take the shard.

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