Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword/Showdown! Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru

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Before Sakura got there

Sesshomaru stood in front of the sword. "I am finally here. To possess the sacred sword imbedded in my father's bones. The lethal fang sword…known to kill a hundred beasts in a single stroke! Known as Tetsusaiga!" Sesshomaru said, holding the asked.

"Tetsusaiga was forged from one of his father's fangs. Being in possession of this sword empowers you with as much strength as your father!" Jaken said and Sesshomaru tried to pull it out, but electrocuted him, making him let go. "He was ever so cautious. There's a spell on it." Sesshomaru said, before he smelt Sakura's scent.

Back to where we left off

I glanced at them over my shoulder, but stared at the two swords. "What did you do?" Sesshomaru asked me. "I..." "Get away from her, Sesshomaru!" I turned to see Inuyasha lunge towards his brother and, before I could stop myself, I moved in front of him, then held my hands out in the form of a triangle, making a shield appear.

"Sakura, what are you doing!?" Inuyasha shouted and the barrier shattered. "What?" I whispered, looking at my hands. I felt something touch my cheek, before I noticed Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were now fighting.

"This is our father's resting place. Be respectful!" Sesshomaru scolded. I grabbed the duplicate sword and stared at it. Myoga tried to convince Inuyasha to pull out the sword, but the half-demon continued to refuse.

He eventually gave in, but nothing happened. "Inuyasha, can't pull it out either." I whispered. The two brothers started fighting again.

"My poison claws will sublimate you!" I heard Sesshomaru say, but Inuyasha dodged and the skulls melted. " Wanna turn me into slime, huh?!" Inuyasha said.

"You won't get away!" Sesshomaru said, chasing his brother. "Lord Sesshomaru! Let me assist!" Jaken said, but Kagome stopped him.

"Hey, you! Coward!" Jaken gets up from the ground after she got off of him. "What!? Take that!" He shouted, swinging his staff around, but she caught it.

"You puny troublemaker!" She said. "Why little wench!" He shouted as they played tug-o-war with the staff and I sighed, while shaking my head.

"Such children." I whisper and continue watching the fight between the two brothers. Sesshomaru soon pins Inuyasha down. "This is it! Disappear!" Sesshomaru said, lifting his claw up.

"Inuyasha!" I heard Kagome shout, then my eyes widened, seeing she pulled out the sword.

The demons stared at her in shock as well. "It just came out." She said softly and I noticed Sesshomaru move towards her. "Sesshomaru, no!" I shouted, stepping in front of my sister and he stopped in front of me.

"Move aside, Sakura." He told me, but I shook my head. "Sesshomaru! Leave them alone! They have nothing to do with this!" Inuyasha shouted.

"Neither you nor I could draw the Tetsusaiga. Yet she had no trouble with the barrier! You expect me to let her go?" Sesshomaru asked and I was shocked that he didn't mention the fact I made a duplicate of the sword.

"She's only human, Sesshomaru! I don't know how it had no effect on her or how I made an exact copy of it!" I told him and he looked into my eyes.

"Hand the Tetsusaiga to Sesshomaru, Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted, but she refused. I felt a hand touch the sword in my hand, but it rejected Sesshomaru as well. He looked at me with confusion, but I was confused as well.

"Humph. Inuyasha... You seem very interested in the actions of a human. Why protect her?" He lifted his hand and put it behind his ear, then runs his hand through his hair, making me blush. "Why let her go? Why love her?" I knew he was talking about Kagome and I wasn't surprised since they make it so obvious.

He started to walk slowly towards Inuyasha. "I certainly did not inherit from our father the feelings of compassion towards humans that you have. It was this feeling for a mortal woman, your mother, this weakness of the heart, that caused Father to end up here like this. Tainted blood courses through your body! Is it this blood that endears you to humans? Well, I don’t pay any heed to such infinitely vulgar beings." He sent the poison towards Kagome, but I jumped in front of her.

"Kagome! Sakura!" I heard Inuyasha shout.

To Sesshomaru

I watched in shock as Sakura moved to protect her sister and was hit by my poison. 'You harmed her!' My beast said and I felt anger from my actions. "Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha lunged towards me, raising his claw. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" I dodged it, then felt Sakura's energy and ice erupted from where she last was, then a figure flew out. I saw it was Sakura carrying her sister and the swords with wings of ice on her back.

Back to Sakura

I pulled out my sword, while putting the duplicate of Tetsusaiga away. "Rain over the frosted frozen sky. Hyōrinmaru." I grabbed Kagome and the original Tetusaiga as the ice wings appeared on my back, then shot out of the debris.

Kagome threw the original to Inuyasha, then I placed her in the ground once we landed. I noticed Sesshomaru's eyes turn red and he changed into a giant dog. "He transformed!" Kagome gasped.

"That's his true form!" I told her. The brothers started fighting again and I flew up with Kagome so we could watch. I gasped when I saw Tetsusaiga transform, then Inuyasha cut off Sesshomaru's left arm. "No... SESSHOMARU!" I shouted, then he and Jaken vanished and I handed Kagome to Inuyasha.

"Take care of her for me, Inuyasha." I told him and followed the two demons, ignoring their protests. I stepped into view once Jaken was gone and kneeled beside Sesshomaru. "Are you alright?" I asked him.

"This is nothing." He told me, but I could tell he was in pain. I hovered my hands over his arm in a triangle formation and a small barrier appeared, then I started healing him. "How are you able to do that?" He asked once I finished.

I held out my hair clips so he could see. "These are call Shun Shun Rikka. I've had them for as long as I can remember. They allow to heal and protect." I explained, before putting them back in.

"Sesshomaru?" He glanced at me and I continued. "Please allow me to travel with you." He stared at me for a moment, before looking away. "Do as you wish." I smiled slightly.

"I promise not to be a burden." I told him.

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