The Girls Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

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A/N: Anything like this: ' ' and in italics are thoughts.


Sakura's POV

"A Sacred Jewel?" My younger sister, Kagome, asked our grandfather. "Yes! This jewel will bring happiness and prosperity without fail!" Grandpa answered.

"You're selling this marble thing? Keychain charms are so out of style!" She said, holding up one of the keychains. "It's no ordinary keychain! The ball at the end is the Sacred Jewel. This shrine's... Huh?" He cut himself off, seeing our cat, Buyo, playing with the keychain, while Kagome moved it around.

"Are you sure it isn't a cat toy, Grandpa?" I asked, crossing my arms. "Of course it isn't!" He told me, before looking back at Kagome.

"Now, heed this, Kagome and Sakura. The origin of this shrine's Sacred Jewel... Huh?" He cut himself off again, seeing Kagome was still playing with Buyo. "The origin of this Sacred Jewel is..." he started to say louder until Kagome interuppted him.

"Hey Gramps! Remember what day tomorrow is?" She asked in a hopeful voice, making me chuckle at her antics. "Oh, how could I forget my dear granddaughter's birthday?" He asked.

"A present for me!?!" She asked excitedly and Grandpa handed her what I assume to be her present. "The mummified hand of a water imp is sure to bring happiness. In fact, the origin of that is...."

"Have a snack, Buyo." Kagome said disappointed, giving the hand to Buyo, who bit it and walked away. "No, don't give it away!" Grandpa said, trying to catch the cat, but fell on his face.

I glanced over at the box of keychains with Kagome. "Now then, the origin of these pickled vegetables is..." "They're donations from a shrine-visitor, right?" Kagome interuppted irritated.

"Huh!?" Grandpa asked, before bowing his head in embarrassment. I sighed, shaking my head at two of my adoptive family. 'Honestly. These two always seem to act like children.'

At nighttime, I looked out my window at the sacred tree we have in our yard. 'The thousand-year-old sacred tree. The legend of the Hidden Well. I don't understand why Kagome dislikes all these stories. Despite how many times I hear them, I never get tired of them.'

The next day, I was helping Mom in the kitchen when I heard the phone ring and answered it only to find it was for Kagome. "Kagome! Phone call!" I called and she rushed in, then talked on the phone.

She soon hung up and went to put on her shoes. "I'm off!" She called to us, then I noticed she forgot her lunch. I sighed, then grabbed it, before running outside. "Kagome, you forgot your lunch!" I called, then noticed her and Sota by the hut, before walking over.

"What are you two doing?" I asked them and they looked at me. "Saki-nee, Buyo's in the hut." Sota told me.

"Then why don't you go in there and grab him?" I asked. "It gives me the creeps!" He told me and I smiled fondly at my younger brother.

"Don't worry, I'll get him." I said, before walking into the hut, then I heard footsteps behind me. "I'll help you, Saki-nee." I nodded at Kagome and we started to look for the cat.

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