Telling Him You're Pregnant

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You just ended a phone call with Gerald he said he was coming soon from the studio and he is bringing take out with him the only thing that was on your mind was




Gerald have been stressing himself lately and he was finally getting a break from it all and the last thing you want to do is stress him out again you've been questioning your decision to even tell him you were thinking of just leaving the country and having the baby away from the people you know.

but at the same time you really wanna have a family with him . minutes passed while you were waiting for him he finally arrived home with taco bell with him "baby girl i'm home " he said locking the door smiling at you . you stood up from the couch running to him he engulfed you in a bear hug you smiled feeling comforted in his embrace . while still in each others arms you made your way to the couch tripping a couple of times but laughing it off you took the bag from him pushing him to the couch you took your taco handing him his .

putting your guys favorite show on you sat on his lap resting your head in the crook of his neck you've never felt more safer than being in his embrace G was always an asshole but he got the ladies all over him , he is the bang and leave type of guy at least that's what people said about him but apparently well he wasn't the type of guy you thought he was or what the media portrayed him to be. he is caring and loving constantly worrying about you whenever he is away on tour he is loyal and faithful to you and you were thankful and grateful for him .

after finishing your dinner you got off of his lap he frowned in confusion asking you where you were going . "oh i just need to use the b-bathroom " you said " oh alright " he said nodding in understatement. as soon as you entered the bathroom you opened the cabinets looking for it . the test the positive test , that's the only thing your focused on right now . how do people manage to tell their significant others? but what if leaves me ? what no he cant i'm too young and immature to raise a kid on my own i wont be able to provide it a happy life ? questions were flowing in your head stressing you out even more .

time flew by fast and you didn't even notice it you had tears for some reason and you didn't even knew they were there until you looked at yourself in the mirror black streaks going down your cheeks your mascara is ruined you put the test in your back pocket putting your head in your hands letting out a muffled sob . you were cut off from your thoughts by a knock on the door "Baby girl you're worrying me , are you alright? i heard you sobbing . please open the door " he said and you could clearly tell that he is worried just by listening to his voice "i'm alright just give me a second" you heard his back sliding down the door as he sat against it. you wiped the mascara tears that went down your cheeks making sure it was all gone you opened the door carefully making sure not to hurt him as soon as you opened it he engulfed you in a hug " you didn't sound alright i just want to know who hurt my baby"

you chuckled as he frowned in confusion " yes babe i'm okay i just need to tell you something " worry that the only think that was written all over his face "you're not breaking up with me are you ?" he said looking at your eyes trying to find answers " NO no i would never leave you , you mean the world to me and you know it " you sighed " i'm just being over dramatic about it but do you promise me that you wont leave me if i told you" you said resting your head on his chest wrapping your arms around him "no baby i would never leave you, what is it baby you're worrying me " you took a deep breath pulling the test from your pocket showing it to him "i'm pregnant" you said looking at the ground kicking at the rug like a little kid waiting to get punished by their parents "W-W-Wait so i'm going to be a dad ?I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!" he said excitedly picking you up spinning you "this is the best day EVER my album is finished and i just got told i'm going to have a kid could this day get any better" he said as both of you were laughing and smiling .

after that little wild party both of you had you decided it was time to go to bed laying down he hovered above you bringing his head down to your belly resting his head against it " i just cant wait to hold you in my arms " he said showering your belly with kisses making his way up to your lips kissing you softly " i love you " he said " i love you too babe " as both of you closed your eyes enjoying each others company . you had to admit it both of your lives couldn't get any better than this. 

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