Nothing To Me (1/2)

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It's 2 Am in the morning and Gerald Is still not home yet this has been happening for the last week and you were reaching your tolerance with it he has been ignoring you lately and it has been getting on your nerves you decided it's was it you were going to confront him about it you were always understanding and okay with him going out with his friends and you trusted him but he seems really suspicious the last couple of days .

An hour later You were still walking around your apartment frustrated you were about to punch the wall when you got a call you sighed loudly in frustration getting your phone out of your pocket. Blizzy , Gerald's Drummer and one of his best friends you immediately answered it "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ITS 3 AM BLAKE!" You yelled into the phone " Y/N p-please calm down I need you to come to the club and please you need to calm down it's kinda serious I'll send you the address " he said in low voice almost whispering "You.Have .To .Be.Fucking.Kidding .Me Blake it better not be what I think it fucking is " you said growling "I fucking hate that I have to be the one to call you Just Come down here hurry up " you sighed as he hung up after exactly one minute you got the address of the club they were in.

Putting on your leather jacket on You immediately got in the car driving to the address Blizzy sent you. As soon as you reached the address the smell of Weed and alcohol immediately hit you groaning you locked the car making your way in looking for blizzy you spotted him standing at the door of the club you ran to him rage flowing in your veins "WHAT.THE .FUCK?" You said to him clearly mad " he sighed looking at you in sympathy? Your features immediately softened as colors drained from your face your eyes were emotionless yet they were watering "he is not isn't he" He just looked at the ground not saying anything you shook your head in disbelief "here come follow me " he said holding your hand going inside the club you spotted the others sitting together .

Marty, Christopher, Grady, Xavier and even his manager Matt they gave you sympathetic looks you just shook your head wiping some tears that fell no you can't break down in front of them you don't sympathy you're a grown ass woman well that's a lie. Blizzy stopped walking and he let go of your hand you were cut off of your thoughts to see Gerald making out with a girl and they clearly look as if they had already done it she had hickeys on her neck and breasts she had her legs wrapped around him , Gerald, you couldn't believe your eyes your boyfriend now is your ex .

you looked down at your arms taking off the promise ring G gave you half a year ago he promised you he will marry you one day It Was All A BIG LIE. You bite down on your lip "wow Gerald so you're just going to throw a two almost three years down the fucking drain?" You said looking at him he immediately lets go of the girl he was holding he looked at you in horror "baby I swear it meant nothing I swear I didn't mean it it's not what it looks like baby " he said going up to you " Don't you dare fucking babe me Gerald I've spent almost three years of my life with YOU because I LOVED you and that's how I fucking get repaid WOW Gerald I can't fucking believe your right now by the way I'm not fucking blind I can clearly see what happened " you said pushing him away as he tried to hug you .1

"Baby you mean the world to me I was caught up in the moment it doesn't mean anything " he said saddened by the fact that he hurt you " just shut up Gerald I don't wanna hear it " you said throwing the ring at him " we are over " you said with no emotion at all wiping your tears running to your car "NO Y/N BABY GIRL PLEASE AT LEAST TAKE THE RING PLEASE " he said running after you as Blizzy stopped him . You turned around flipping him off " it was nice knowing you G, " you said going to your car as he tried to follow you but his friends stopped him. As soon as you got in the car that's when the water works began Tears just kept flowing blurring your vision. That's the only thing you saw before it all went black.+

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