Spending The Day Home

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You opened your eyes tiredly as the sunlight hits your eyes .you groan waiting for eyes to adjust to the light around you . You smiled as yesterday's memories come back to you . You noticed Gerald's arms wrapped around your waist he was hugging you tightly your back against his chest .

You decided to get of bed without waking him up put you immediately failed as he groaned hugging you tighter which made it impossible to get out "G I need to go to work today let go " you mumbled "no you're not going just call them and say you can't come today" he said his voice muffled by your neck as he left kisses on it

"Baby please I don't want to get fired you already spoil me enough I need to make my own money " you turned around facing him burying your face in his chest. "But babe I missed you so much it's always me on tour or you at work we barely have any time for each other. And you deserve to be spoiled way more than this " he said kissing your head firmly. After having a long a** discussion he convinced you to stay home. You put your phone on the nightstand "well I'm staying now what " you said looking at him. He immediately tackled you down. Straddling you he pinned your arms down with one hand and used the other to tickles "G-G GERALD STOOOOP " you started laughing squirming around trying to get yourself out of his grip "no never not in a million years " he said laughing at you.

After a while, you had tears from laughing so hard your face was red you were trying to regain control of your breath. You raised your middle finger at him. He just chuckled and shrugged it off .he put on his boxers "I'm making breakfast " he said leaving the room. You smiled at yourself before getting out of bed putting on his shirt and a pair of thongs (you choose the colors of both of your clothes ) you sit down playing on your phone for a while .you leave the room going to the kitchen finding Gerald flipping pancakes well trying to flip pancakes. he has pancake batter all over him "Oh God Gerald Earl Gillum what did you do ? " you say giggling at him "oh trust me I might look like a clown but they're the deliciousest pancakes you'll ever eat " you laugh even more "
deliciousest? G are you serious right now ?" You wipe the tears that fell from laughing.

He rolls his eyes playfully pouting "baby don't laugh at me or I won't make them " "Awe G I'm sorry I'm sure that they will taste good " you say giving him a peck on his lips. He smiles widely at you finishing the rest of the batter as you make black coffee for both of you.

After you finish eating the 'deliciousest' breakfast in the world, you lay down with him on the couch cuddling watching Netflix all day long, making out every now and then and a lot of ass grabbing cause he is G-Eazy Duh! You ended up ordering sea food for lunch and pizza for dinner admitting that you both missed each other's company.

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