chapter 1

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Harry sighs softly as he adjusts his sweater. 

He can't wait to go back home, Louis will probably already be there. And he's looking forward to cuddling with his boy. Most people had already gone home, considering school had gone out nearly an hour ago but he had to stay back. Being the head of the student body had its disadvantages.

His house was only a few minutes from school unlike Louis', which was a good thirty-minute drive. So Louis would just stay in his house after school, leaving only at about seven.  

Harry smiles softly as he exits the school gates. Skipping away, knowing the faster he gets there, the faster he can hold him.

He opens the front door and closes it softly behind him. The house was quiet, Gemma's in uni, Anne's at work and Louis' in Harry's room, probably listening to music. He left his bag at the kitchen table, climbing up the stairs softly.

"Lou? You here boo?" He whispered as he opened the door, as to not startle him. Soft snores greeted him as he cooed softly at the sight in front of him. Louis was cuddled up in blankets, wearing one of Harry's large peach sweaters and a pair of blue booty shorts which were too big for Harry, but Louis' ass was so big, it was tight on him. 

He hugged the giant brown bear which Harry had in his room as he looked like an absolute angel. 

Harry climbed into the bed, his hands wrapping around Louis' fragile body, causing Louis to stir. 

"Hey Harry." Louis' voice was raspy but still high pitched. His bright blue eyes slowly opened and he looked at Harry, squinting and trying to get used to the bright light.  He licked his dry lips as he turned to face Harry, looking too much like a kitten.

"Hey lovely, how was your day?" Harry whispered softly, before leaning forward and kissing him on the nose. Louis giggled softly and Harry couldn't believe that some people were actually scared of this smol bean.

"was fine, nothing happened. Just heard the juniors whisper somethin' about me. And Nick made a rumor about me dating some girl again." 

Harry frowned at that, he never understood why were people so mean to Louis when he literally never did anything to anyone. Just because he wore dark colors and had tattoos didn't mean he was any less of sunshine. They never understood how much they affected louis.

"Sorry about that boo, I just never get why anyone would to do that." Louis buried his head into Harry's soft sweater, his way of saying to drop the topic. 

They had been dating for a year and six months now, they knew each other well to know when the other one didn't want to talk about something. Harry just rubbed his hand against Louis' back and kissed his soft and fluffy hair as they both fell into a deep sleep, safe in each other's arms.

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