The "L" Word

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After such an amazing day for the both of them, it was now time to conclude the date.

I had such an amazing day! Every part of it was incredible! As the day progressed, it only got better. Now, I could now call my crush my boyfriend! How awesome is that?! We were already in my car, getting ready to head to Parker and Andrews house to hang out for a bit.
I look over at Will, and begin to think of how lucky I am to call him mine... It's like a dream come true <3 He catches me staring at him. Oh... That's awkward. Heh. Wait, why should it be? He's no longer a person that I have to hide my feelings from. It felt nice to know that.
"May I help you, Shubs?" He asks with his usual adorable smile
"I was just thinking of how lucky I am to finally have you."
"You don't even realize how lucky I am to have you. My happiness. The light to my life. My world." He says holding my hand
"Awww." I start to blush.
I give him a peck on the cheek.
We start heading to Parker's house. Fingers interlocked the whole time. We eventually make it to their house safely.
Will starts to get out of the car, and I do too.
"No! Shelby, I'll open the door for you!"
"Will, you really don't have to do that." I say smiling at him
"I insist that I do it."
"Oh alright..." I watch him get out of the car, and walk all the way to my side. He opens my door for me.
"Make way for the queen!" He says in a formal fashion
I giggle
"Thank you! Thank you!" I say aloud, trying not to laugh
Will shuts the car door, and we both start to laugh
We walk up, hand in hand, to P and A's (Parker and Andrew) doorstep. Will nearly knocks on the door, until I stop him
"Wait. Are we ready to tell them that we're... Official?" I ask, holding up our interlocked hands.
"Uh... We don't have to yet."
"I-I think we should. I'm sure they saw pictures, and Graser probably told them "things."
"You're right." He says looking into my eyes.
"Also, when do we tell our fans?"
"I think we should make an irl video about this tomorrow. I'm sure they've already taken hints. You know, since we went out to places without the rest of our friends." He says
"Agreed." I knock on the door
"COME IN." Andrew yelled through the door
Will opens the door, and we walk through the doorway, finding all of them playing Uno.
"Hey guys!"
They look in our direction
Graser secretly takes out his phone, and sneaks a picture of us holding hands. (Same Graser, same.)
"Dude, your flash was on." Will says
"Oh... Well... Awkward!" Graser puts his phone away
Immediately after what Graser did, they all gathered around us.
"Woah, guys! Chill out!" Will says
"Don't ever tell a fangirl to chill out about the thing he/she is fangirling about!" Said Graser
"Yeah!" Andrew agreed
"Okay! Okay! There's only one thing you guys need to know. Since, you already saw the pictures." I tell them, slowly backing away
"OKAY, WHAT IS IT?" The ask simultaneously
"We're... Boyfriend and girlfriend!" Will reveals
They all start jumping around yelling "AHHHHH" in a fangirling manner
Will and I look at them strangely
After awhile, the settle down, and they go back to their game of Uno.
Will and I sit down, and watch them play.
"So, who's winning?" I ask
"Graser. Somehow." Said Liam
"Woah, that's shocking." Will said
"It is shocking, little William." Graser laughed
"Dude, why are you always calling me little? I'm taller, and older than you!"
Graser laughs uncontrollably
As time goes by, Graser won the first round, and Will and Shelby participated in the second one. They worked together, of course, and won! After that, they ended up just ordering a pizza. They all started discussing on what they wanted to do the next day.

"So guys... What do you wanna do tomorrow?" Graser asked
"I don't know..." Parker said
"We could read fanfic's on my channel! I know majority of us are shipped together." I winked
"Okay! We can film it at my apartment. I need to film a vid anyways." Shelby said
"What kind of video?" Liam asked
"A relationship video." Will said
"Ohhhh! You need to come out to your fans about your love lives, huh." Parker said, with a cheeky smile
"Yup..." Shelby said awkwardly
After many discussions, Shelby, Will, and Graser went back to Shelby's apartment.
Graser, again, went straight to sleep.

"Thank you for the amazing day, Will." I give him a warm smile
"The only thing that made it amazing, was you."
You're a flirt, William.
"I'm pretty sure it's the other way around." I start to blush
"I love you, Shelby." He says softly
Oh my. Word. He said the L word. AHHHH. I could feel my heart skip many beats. Uh... I need to say it back!
"I-I love you too..." I give him a hug
Shelby and Will are brought into a kiss.
Later, they end up just watching each other's videos, and cuddling.
Also... Laughing at the fact that they aren't giving Graser views... 😂
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's the end of this chapter! Sorry if it sucked... My imagination wasn't exactly working XD I guess because I've been doing this for the whole week straight? But here's a meme, that I made! Inspired by when I went to buy my school supplies, and saw my frickin teacher. They can seem so nice out of school, and when you go back to school, they can have the worst attitude!
Anyways. Thanks for reading! We're almost at 800 reads. Wot. That's amazing.


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